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cops jack a deer

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Default RE: cops jack a deer

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Default RE: cops jack a deer

LOSERS. Once a looser always a loser. More than likely they were loosers BEFORE they got their shields. Then they were loosers WHEN they wore their shields. NOW they have been promoted to CRIMINAL LOSERS!
I would like to think that they are the exception and not the rule. A few bad apples in every barrel.
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Default RE: cops jack a deer UPDATED INFO

Always a skeptic or 2 around.Damn right there guilty.And there a couple real AHOLES.Here are some more details.
Game Agent's Report Gives Details of Deer Killing Investigation
Ashley County Sheriff James Robinson confirmed Monday afternoon that two deputies have been terminated after they were charged this past weekend with night hunting.

Sheriff Robinson said that Arkansas Game and Fish officers began investigating allegations several weeks ago that the two officers, Jeff Spurlock and Dan Wiggins, had killed a buck illegally by spotlighting in the Delta area of Ashley County. He said that at on Friday night, Game and Fish Lt. Todd Callaway charged the two with night hunting.

The deer they are alleged to have illegally killed had been entered in the Ashley County Big Buck Contest, but has now been withdrawn. The rules of that contest provide that all entries must have been taken by legal means.

Lt. Callaway, contacted at the district Game and Fish office in Monticello Monday afternoon, refused to comment on the case, stating that it is still under investigation. Additional information will be released once the investigation has been completed.

After the two were charged, the sheriff said Monday that he had terminated both of the deputies. "Everyone is human," he said, "but there are some things I just can't condone in this office."
Jeff Spurlock

According to Callaway's report, he was contacted by a confidential informant on January 11, the first information he received about the incident, which occurred December 11, 2004, about one hour before daylight north of Parkdale. The informant told Callaway he had heard second hand about Wiggins supposedly killing the deer from several employees of Georgia-Pacific's Crossett Paper Operations.

Callaway, in his report, stated that Wildlife Officer Pat Fitts told him a few days later that he had received basically the same information.

On January 19, Callaway received a call from a second person about the incident, with this person adding that Wiggins was having the deer mounted in Crossett.

The next day, Callaway met with Sheriff Robinson and told him about the deer. "I told the sheriff that I did not have any hard evidence but I would be looking into the matter," he wrote in his report. "Sheriff Robinson told me to do whatever I needed to do, and he would help in any way that he could."

Callaway received a call from a third confidential informant on January 24 about the matter. The caller gave Callaway the name of a person that had seen an "Ashley County Sheriff's truck spotlighting deer."

Callaway and Fitts met with a fourth confidential informant on February 11. The person told them that "Wiggins had killed a deer in the delta at night and entered it in the Ashley County Big Buck Contest and the Simmons Big Buck Contest in Bastrop, LA. The C.I. also stated that Mr. Wiggins' wife had withdrawn Mr. Wiggins' deer from the Ashley County Big Buck Contest on Monday, February 7." The informant also said the taxidermist removed a bullet from the deer's head and that the bullet was "lying in the window of the taxidermy shop." Later that day, Callaway received information from a fifth informant about the deer being killed and entered in the contest, and that it was being mounted in Crossett.

On February 11, Callaway and Fitts went to Ashley Motor Co. in Crossett, the sponsor of the Big Buck Contest. "We confirmed that Mr. Wiggins had entered a 12-point buck in the contest on December 13, 2004, and was leading in the contest," Callaway wrote in his report. "We also confirmed that on Monday, February 7, at approximately 10 a.m., Mr. Wiggins' wife withdrew her husband's deer from the contest for reasons unknown to the sponsors. When we left Ashley Motor, Officer Fitts and I drove to Simmons Sporting Goods in Bastrop, LA, and confirmed that Mr. Wiggins on December 13, 2004, had entered a 12-point buck in the Simmons Big Buck Contest."

On the same day, the two officers talked to an unidentified person who gave them information about a rifle that was seen under the back seat of the sheriff's office truck.

That night, an eyewitness called Callaway. ". . . he and a friend were going duck hunting early one morning approximately 4 or 4:30 and had a flat on the boat trailer they were pulling," according to the report. "The subject said they unhooked the trailer from their vehicle and he stayed with the trailer while his friend went back to town to get a spare tire. While he was waiting for his friend to return, a vehicle came down Highway 8 shining a spotlight into clearcut. The subject said he thought he heard a small caliber gun shoot. He then said he watched two people get out of the vehicle with a light and walk out into the cutover. When the people got back into the truck, his friend drove back by. When his friend got out he told him that he thought those people were night hunting, and his friend told him that it was a red sheriff's department truck. The truck that had been shining then left the area going back toward Hamburg. The C.I. said as the truck was leaving, he could see it shining another clearcut while he was driving slowly."

Later, on the night of February 11, Callaway went to Billy Streeter's taxidermy shop in North Crossett and asked him if he had mounted a 12-point buck recently. He said he had. Callaway asked him who had shot it, and he said Dan Wiggins. Streeter told Callaway, according to the report, that Wiggins' wife had picked the deer up earlier in the week.

Callaway asked Streeter if there was anything about the deer that might make him believe it was killed illegally. "Mr. Streeter was very hesitant to answer until I walked over to a window and picked up a bullet," Callaway wrote in his report. "At that time Mr. Streeter said he could not lie to me. He took the bullet I was holding out of the Wiggins' deer head. Mr. Streeter said it appeared the bullet entered behind the deer's ear, went through the deer's brain and lodged in the top of the deer's skull." Callaway took the bullet into evidence. Callaway then went to Sheriff Robinson's house and told him he would be interviewing Wiggins and Spurlock.

That night, still on February 11, around 10:30, Callaway interviewed Wiggins about the deer. "Mr. Wiggins told me that on the night of December 10 and early morning of the 11th, 2004, he and Deputy Spurlock were riding around in Deputy Spurlock's patrol truck shooting rabbits and raccoons with a 22-caliber rifle and 243-caliber rifle," according to the report. "Mr. Wiggins said about an hour before daylight they were north of Parkdale, above Mr. J. D. Grice's hog pens when they saw a big buck deer. Deputy Spurlock stopped the vehicle and Deputy Wiggins got out and shot the deer with Deputy Spurlock's 243.

"Mr. Wiggins said the deer fell and he ran up to the deer. He stated he might have shot the deer a second time, but he could not remember. Mr. Wiggins said that he and Deputy Spurlock loaded the deer and brought the deer back to his residence. Mr. Wiggins said a few hours later he bought a hunting license from True Value and checked the deer. Mr. Wiggins produced a twenty-five dollar hunting license bought on December 11 at 9:37 a.m. with a buck deer recorded on the back on the license killed on December 11 at 11 a.m. and checked at check station 410.At this time I advised Mr. Wiggins that he was being charged with Night Hunting (G&F code 1802) with a bond of $600. I also seized Mr. Wiggins mounted 12-point buck and hunting license.

"After leaving Deputy Wiggins residence at approximately 11:30 p.m., Officer Fitts, Johnson and I interviewed Deputy Jeff Spurlock at the Ashley County Sheriffs Department. Mr. Spurlock advised us that on the night of December 10 and early morning hours of the 11, he and Deputy Wiggins were riding around in the Delta in his patrol truck shooting varmints--opossums and armadillos. At approximately 3 a.m. they were north of Mr. J. D. Grice's hog pens in Parkdale when they saw a big buck deer. Mr. Spurlock said they stopped the patrol truck and Deputy Wiggins got out and shot the deer with a 243 rifle (Mr. Spurlock's rifle). Deputy Spurlock said they loaded the deer into the truck came to the Sheriffs Office, and then he carried the deer to Deputy Wiggins house and left. Mr. Spurlock said when he found out the Deputy Wiggins entered the deer in the big buck contest he told Deputy Wiggins that this was going to get him caught. Mr. Spurlock was then asked if anyone else had been riding in his truck shooting at night. Mr. Spurlock said no, but there was a jailer, Lee Holland, that wanted him to carry him night hunting in the Delta, but he had not done so. At this time, we advised Mr. Spurlock that he was being charged with night hunting (G&F code 18.02) with a bond of $600. We also seized Mr. Spurlock's Remington 243 rifle taken from his patrol truck.

"At approximately midnight on February 11, Officer Fitts, Johnson and I interviewed Ashley County Jailer Lee Holland. In a statement, Mr. Holland denied night hunting with any deputies but did admit to shining an artificial light at night on the Casey Jones WMA and killing a 3-point buck that he did not record on his license or check. Mr. Holland said that he had seen the deer that Mr. Wiggins had killed in the back of Deputy Spurlock's patrol truck and thought it was strange how early they had returned with it to the sheriff's office. He went on to say that he did not question this because Deputy Wiggins and Spurlock were police officers. Mr. Holland was then charged with failure to record game (G&F code 02.13A) with a bond of $200.

The charge against Wiggins will be heard in the Hamburg District Court on March 8 while the Spurlock case is set for Hamburg District Court on April 12.

Tenth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen said he received a copy of the report Tuesday, February 15, but that his office only files game violations charges if they are felonies. He said the charges against Wiggins and Spurlock are misdemeanors. Deen's office, at the request of the Ashley County Ledger, furnished the newspaper with a copy of the report.
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

badabing What is the source of this?

It sounds like if it is true they are just plain idiots!
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

This is from the ledger.Here is a link with their pictures.

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Default RE: cops jack a deer

that is pretty sick for an officer of the law, i cannot beleive they would do that, they give real hunters a bad name.
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

Thanks badabing, we now know what a LOOSER can look like. Pay close attention to the uniform and badge, I believe this is a common disguise.

(And of course all LEO's are not bad apples.)

Uncle Matt (in IL)
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

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Default RE: cops jack a deer

Thanks badabing.
Not doubting you but on the net i like to see a source.

From the article i would still these two are idiots!

But i would like to know if it is normal practice for deputys in ashley county to shoot animals at night? did the sheriff know of these activitys?
I know some small towns use officers for animal control at night. it is not a talked about subject to the public but it does help control the stray dog population. but in this case there is no excuse for this!

I once saw a AG&F warden that had a truck bed full of deer he had killed in june. they stated it was for a experiment on how long it takes for a deers body temp dropped over time.
I got a little upset with them. now we were and still are friends but i do not condone just killing deer for no reason. i have killed many at night as a police officer...........they were hit by cars and one was stuck in a metal fence. NEVER have i or would i kill one that was a trophy for fun or lust. i have seen many that tempted me but one MUST have self control.

One thing i always tell people is that police officers are human and a uniform doesnt make them super. these two just had poor character and really don't need to have the publics trust . like i always said in time bad ones are weeded out!
I will give them one credit they told the truth when confronted. they could have lied and made it hard for the case to be proven. but they were still idiots!
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

you would be suprised what people would do to get a big buck
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Quick Reply: cops jack a deer

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