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cops jack a deer

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Default RE: cops jack a deer

how come some people don't think?
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

One in the town down the hill shot a bear cub inside the town limits. The chief fired him, but he was a relative of the mayor, so the chief resigned and moved to Florida. [>:]
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

A deer isn't worth losing your job over...stupid.
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Default RE: cops jack a deer


A deer isn't worth losing your job over...stupid.
u r right what were they thinking? u follow the deer till moring then shot him jk
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

I can not believe that. That never needs to happen!! Cop or no cop!!!
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

I hate people who think their above the law my DARE officer after a year of tellin us no to drink goes out and gets a DUI and after the fact it is shown that she had several other DUIs that had been covered up by the law people think because their cops or in the goverment they can get away with anything
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

Furthermore.........I wonder if these LOOSERS ever made any arrests for similar acts by others.

Usually when an arrest is made, the criminal claims ".......it was my first time, I don't even know what I'm doing or how to do it. That's why you caught me.....sniffle, sniffle.........". When in fact it's the FIRST TIME CAUGHT!

LOOSERS! Bet their wifes or girlfriends leave 'em, too. (For REAL hunters, sworn or not).

Oh, yes, before I forget. Did I mention anywhere in either of my posts that LOOSERS like this irritate me immensely? If not, they do.

Let's list the things these LOOSERS have or will soon loose.
1. Career.
2. Income.
3. Self respect (doubtful if they had any).
4. Community status (Not Mr. Tough guy copper anymore).
5. Friends
6. Family
7. Health insurance (and any other that job offered)
8. Pension
9. Ability to provide food for their families
10. Ability to provide shelter for their families.
11. Ability to provide shoes & clothes for their families.
12. Ability to provide for a secure future for their families.
13. Pensions?

Uncle Matt (in IL)
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

Area Deputies Fired For Shooting a Deer at Night
Wednesday, February 16th

HAMBURG, Ark. (AP) - Two Ashley County deputies have been fired
for shooting a deer at night. The men allegedly used a spotlight to
daze the 12-point buck before bagging it with a shot from a patrol
car in December.
The animal was entered in big-buck contests in Arkansas and
Ashley County Sheriff James Robinson. says he fired the now
former deputies -- Jeff Spurlock and Dan Wiggins.
The sheriff said the two were fired Monday after they were
charged with the misdemeanor violation of state Game and Fish
Commission regulations, Robinson said.
Spurlock and Wiggins do not have listed phone numbers and could
not be reached for comment.
Officials said several people complained to Game and Fish
officers after the deer was entered in the Ashley County Big Buck
Ok so on here they are already guilty huh?
The article is kind of vague IMO. the deer was allegedly shot in december and nothing was done until feb??

people complained to the AG&F WHEN ??
When is the ashley county big buck classic? i am from arkansas and never heard of it . i have heard of the arkansas big buck classic.

I am just confused at why it took so long to do anything ? i mean if it's TRUE then there is more corruption going on than two officers shooting a deer at night.

Who charged them ? ashley county sheriffs office or the AG&F??

I think theres more to the story than is stated for sure. so i won't convict them based on the puny article from hamburg ark!

I am not saying it may not have happened but it just sounds funny.
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

Further evidence that holding an respectable possition doesn't make you respectable.
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Default RE: cops jack a deer

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Quick Reply: cops jack a deer

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