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north american hunting club

Old 02-16-2005, 06:14 PM
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Default north american hunting club

Hello, is anyone members of the north american hunting club? I was thinking about getting a membership. Is it really $2 a month? Thanks
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Default RE: north american hunting club

Do a search. There was just a topic about it.
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Default RE: north american hunting club

well im a member and it isnt really that bad for $2 a month u get a magizine subscription and plus you could sign up for a field test program which is awsome IMO
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Default RE: north american hunting club

i am a memba andi only pay 1$ a month lol it is worth it just for the mag if u like reading them and the filed test is great to!
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Default RE: north american hunting club

I am a life member and I highly recommend it. It cost me $338.00 which I pay $58.00 every three months, Its worth every penny to me! Jimmy
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Default RE: north american hunting club

i pay 1$ a month, or 24 $'s for 2 yrs. it is agreat deal. you get the magazine, and rights to field test products(i was a member for like 3 months, and i already had something), and you can enter into lots of drawings.
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Default RE: north american hunting club

My dad was a member for a couple years, he got a few of the hard back hunting books, For Big Bucks Only, Whitetail Wisdom, Secrets of the Whitetail Pros, Secrets of the Turkey Pros, Hunting Trophy Black Bear & Complete Bowhunting. He also got the Coin folder w/the Grizzly Bear & Black Bear coins. IMO, all of the other stuff they sent was JUNK! Stickers, little note pads about the size of a pack of smokes w/about 10 pages, fishing hooks so small you could fish for fleas. lol Field testing.. NOT! Just how many of you actualy got to test ANYTHING? Don't get me wrong, I'm not running them down, I think their hard back books are great but, I think the "Field Testing" offer is just to get you to buy their magazine!?
Later, Phil B.
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Default RE: north american hunting club

I think if you want to be a field tester you need to be a life member (or at least have a better chance, and that make sense to me) I had been a member several times over the past 10 years and never got a test. I became a life member and have had 2 tests (nothing spectacular - a nice mini lantern and some deoderant soap)

I have gotten frustrated by the book thing. I have been on the "list a few times" I finally asked if I could just oredr the books I wanted instead of having them sent and then have to send them back. They couldn't do that. However, they did send me a bunch of return labels. the hassle of returning and then them not "getting" the return was too much so I simply requested to stop getting the books and that was it. They are rather good about customer service.
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Default RE: north american hunting club

I was a member, I tested a deer call and I am still wearing some nice thin water proof gloves.
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Default RE: north american hunting club

I also was a member. What turned me off was that every month I sent in the field test coupon and drawing coupons. Never once got selected, I agree that being a life member is probably the deciding factor. I also didn't like that they just sent you stuff followed by an invoice, 90% of the time what they sent was dollar store quality and worth nowhere near what they were charging. It's been two years since I let my membership lapse and I'm still receiving stuff that I neither ordered or want. IMO the only thing worth the membership price is the magazine.
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