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beast44k 01-24-2005 02:46 PM

Post season deer hunting....
Our property owner is being issued deer thinning permits by the DNR.
I'll be allowed to use a centerfire rifle or any legal firearm for Indiana deer hunting.

My question is, what's a good all around caliber for close shots and distances past 200 yards, but yet be safe for houses a mile or more away.

My brother has a 22 hornet, 30/30, .30-06, and a couple of other rifles.
I feel the hornet is not enough and the others are a little too much gun.

Any input???

Legacy357 01-24-2005 02:56 PM

RE: Post season deer hunting....
.243 or .270, it doesn't matter if they are real close. its the further shots you are going to have to be worried about. i have shot deer with my 30/06 at 20 yards and less and its does the job just as good as at 200 yards. i won't recommend anything smaller than .22-250 or .223. my .22-250 would laser a deer at 200 yards but i don't think it is enough gun so i hunt with my 30/06 or my bow. good luck

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