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I am just looking for any hunting tips than can help me become a better hunter. I mean anything such as clothes,calling,feeding,stalking,shooting or whatever you wnat to tell me. Thanks alot
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ORIGINAL: crzy_hunter89

I am just looking for any hunting tips than can help me become a better hunter. I mean anything such as clothes,calling,feeding,stalking,shooting or whatever you wnat to tell me. Thanks alot
Clothing - The pattern of the camo is not that important. All that matters is that your outline is broken up.

Calling - I've done a little rattling. Use a doe estrus scent and a lot of deer will come in downwind, even when they have smelled me in the area.

Stalking - I usually stalk upwind in the middle of the day when I know conditions aren't going to be favorable for an afternoon stand hunt. The deer will be bedded down, and the wind carries my scent away and muffles my sound to some extent.

Shooting - Practice, practice, practice. Use a rifle that you don't mind practicing with and can shoot well. Some people can shoot the big magnums. More power to them. Others don't shoot them that well. A smaller bullet in the right places kills many more deer than a big bullet in the wrong places. Also, try to simulate your shooting positions when your practicing. If your not going to be shooting from a benchrest while hunting, don't shoot from one when practicing. Learn your limitations at the range, and that will keep you from making bad shot decisions when hunting.

As with everything, experience makes the difference. The more you hunt, the better you will get. Also, asking questions like this helps a lot. Learning from other's mistakes helps keep you from making the same mistake.

Good luck, and good hunting!
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When calling, dont call too often, every 20-30 minutes is about right. If you dont the deer could become spooked and it will sound unatural.

Always try to be downwind from the deer

Pre-season scouting is very important in harvesting an animal consistently. Pre-season scouting can give you clues to bedding and feeding patterns, game trails and watering holes. Patterning deer by thorough scouting will make you a more successful hunter.
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crzy_hunter89, read as much as you can here and in print, along with the things mentioned above, if its something you dont understand ask away? i'd bet someone on here can answer your questions

oh yea, welcome to the forums
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use scent cover preferably fresh earth scent u dont smell like doe or buck pee which will help u not get attacked (trust me it happens)
and they dont smell ya and camo just go to a army surplus store and buy a jacket and pants they got plenty of pockets there cheap and last long all u have to do is put some layers underneath of them. and when its cold dont just were a tubogon were a full face/head tubogon (blaze orange so u dont get shot) because if your heads warm your warm. and get boots with at least 200 grams of insulate installation
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Time.Time ,time ,time in the field then more time,like all day as many days as possible
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What state will you be hunting in. Get a map of the area .Either pull an aerial map off the satellite server or go to your county court house and see if they have a topagraphical one. This wil show swamps, ridges ,borders of pastures etc. The different states make a big difference. I've hunted Maryland and the past 3 years Florida. What a huge difference. There's enough imformation on all of these post if you will read them. I just read 3 deer hunting books and found this site better than the books.
God Bless you,
PS a little prayer goes along way too
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Spend as much time in the field as possible and "learn" from your mistakes! You will make plenty of mistakes but the same situation will arise multiple times. Learn what went wront the first time you faced a similar situation and the next time you are presented with the same situation you may be able to connect. Good Luck!
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remember hunting is a sport of skill and luck. use all of your senses and good shootin.
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Don't focus too much on killing an animal. Learn to enjoy the time in the woods and the relaxation that comes with it. By doing this, when something happens that prevents you from taking an animal, you were relaxed and can reflect on what happened and retain what you've learned. Before you know it, you'll put all the experiences together and be a more successful hunter in terms of harvest. Also, any time you can learn something about anything in nature and leave it better than you found it, you are successful.
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