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Share your first time you killed your first deer.

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Share your first time you killed your first deer.

Old 12-29-2004, 02:29 PM
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Default Share your first time you killed your first deer.

Mine was back in 1994 of december, it was ohio's gun season. I have yet to kill a deer due to a lack of experience. It was a cold morning and i was sitting on a log that i call today "mikes log", i was sitting there thinking about the beautiful girls i met in bradenton beach florida over the summer when i heard some crunching behind me and there were several doe heads to the right and behind me. I slowly turned inch by inch, how i did this without spooking them i will never figure out, but i ended up on my right knee with my shotgun aiming in on the chest of a doe. I shoot and they bolt!! I thought i missed cuz they ran so quick, i was disgusted!! I sat back down poured a cup of hot chocolate and i couldnt believe i missed when all of a sudden two more does ran down in front of me being pushed by a 4pt scragley buck, he stopped only 15ft in front of me, i think i didnt even aim.......i just did an ol john wayne side hip shot and he dropped!! My uncle came up and saw blood where i shot the doe and we found her and he was upset but happy at the same time. It was my day of being a born hunter. What is yours?
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Old 12-29-2004, 03:17 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

It was many moons ago. I was 16. It was the last day of the season, in the last hour of light in Fauquier County, VA. I was in a fence row watching the edge of the woods where it met a small field. A doe stepped out into the field. I lay in the prone position and pulled the hammer back on the Marlin 30/30. I shot and she dropped. Maybe 40 yards. I was awestruck and had no idea how to gut her properly but I did. Still remeber the salty taste of the blood I tasted. Seems like yesterday but it was 17 years ago this coming January.
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Old 12-29-2004, 03:26 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

15 years old-been hunting since 12 and not got one-- sleeping in the tree stand a spike buck walked up and kicked my tree and waited for me ta shoot i think my snoring brought him in he stood broadside and pointed where to shoot one shot thru the heart ran 50 ft and ran into a tree my dad heard me hootin a 1/2 mile away, i remember like it was yesterday
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Old 12-29-2004, 03:31 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

I was 14 in WV where I grew up--20 years ago---. I had hunted hard since I was 10--out every day of thanksgiving week every year. Had not even seen a horn that I could determine. This particular day, I was out with my neighbor on his hunting club and had walked down this long ridge top from the road. it was breaking daylight and I was overlooking this patch of laurel when a buck was crossing down the ridge from right to left about 50-60 yds. When he stopped I pulled the trigger--POW--he started running right at me and ended passing within about 5 yds--POW--I shot from the hip shooting his front left leg off at the knee. He rolled into the holler, kicked a couple of times and was dead. Turns out, the first shot was dead on in the right front shoulder. He was a five point with a regular 4 pt main beam on one side and just a spike on the other. Also, one of his back legs had been broken off just above the hoof way before and had sinced calloused (sp) over (probably causing the deformity in horn growth as well). I was lovin life. Kept thinkin' to myself that when I was done with him, he only had one good leg left. I then gutted and drug him back up to the road (which took me like 4 hours). He was very gray in the face and my neighbor commented that he must have belonged to the golden mountaineer club (meaning over 50 years old). I'm sure he was probably one tough deer to eat but he sure tasted good to me.

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Old 12-29-2004, 03:35 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

Well it was about 8 yrs ago, I had seen a very large racked buck in this certain area while bowhunting and set my stand in a tree for the upcoming rifle season. I was there opening day and sat all morning, about lunch time, I got out of stand and walked back to the truck to see if my buds had seen or killed anything. I ate a sandwich grabbed my gun and headed back to the stand, just as I approached my stand a doe went busting threw the woods, she had been standing right there under my stand and I didnt see her. Well as she ran I squated and found her in my scope, she made a bad choice and stopped to look back at me. I found my mark and she dropped. But with the deer fever and the excitement of finally getting a shot off on a deer after 6 or 7 yrs of hunting and not bagging a deer, I rushed the shot and took it on a bad angle. Well I had to finish her off with my knife. I felt kinda bad for her but it was all worth it when I tasted the meat and feed the family for the whole winter. That experience I learned alot, and to this day im still learning.. My first bow kill was a experience too but thats another topic.
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Old 12-29-2004, 03:56 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

It was 1982 in the last 1/2 hour of light on opening day of the shotgun season. I was in my tree stand feeling sad because I had onlt seen one other deer all day and I figured the day was going to end that way. Just then I saw a hunter about 175 to 200 yards away walking from my right to left on the edge of a grassy field. All the sudden I heard leaves moving behind me and a 4 point buck trotted from my left to my right and stopped right next to my tree. He was looking at the hunter walking the edge of the field. He stopped on top of a stone wall about 10 yards from me. I squeezed off a shot and he rolled off the wall but stood back up. He was now behind a split tree with his head out one end and his butt out the other. I could see about a foot of his back in the V of the tree and decided to try and break his back! I squeezed off the second shot and he dropped for good. Buck fever got the best of me and I let him have it one more time just to make sure! OOPS! I was a bit excited! The hunter I saw heard the shots and walked over to me. He said he had been stalking the buck for the last 3 hours but couldn't get close enough for a clean shot! I must say even though he congratulated me he didn't look very happy about it! I even thanked him and that just made him look sick. LOL! I remember how excited my old man was and that made me 100X more excited! I remember it like it was yesterday! One of the best day's of my life!
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Old 12-29-2004, 04:03 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

I was 12, and it was the second day of season. i was posting a knob when a buck came out. it seemed like forever to take him to clear a tree, and then i shot him at 125, stuck him again at 150, and heard him crash. he was a 3X1. i was proud. i've killed 5 more deer off that spot. i've also killed 18 more deer since, a few nice bucks in that four year period, hope the next four are as close to being as great. i remember the 140 inch 9 pointer i got, i remember the day i had 50 deer run out to me, and ill always remember that first buck. he was my first deer too. only year i've hunted and not had to deal with EAB or CWD

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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

Great stories
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Old 12-29-2004, 04:06 PM
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

Two years ago when I was 14. It was about nine in the moring the last day of ohio gun. Some other guys had started a drive. I saw 3 does come running straight to me about 200 yards up in a corn field. I got my gun up waited till they got about 40 yards and grunted at them. They all stop I was aiming for the 1st deer. My grandpa who was behind me told me to shoot the middle one. So I did. I hit one lung it went about 30 yards fell got back up and went another 30 yards and dropped dead in the middle of the field. It was a button buck.
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Default RE: Share your first time you killed your first deer.

1998 and i was 12. hunted the entire first day and didn't see a deer. my mom let me take the second day off and i had almost wished i went to school it was so cold. i got to the top of my treestand and looked out in front of me and saw a big doe standing their 70 maybe 80 yards away. i picked her up in the scope and shot. i watched her run about 40 yards and i lost sight of her. i was worried that i missed but i knew i should sit on stand a little while so i didn't jump it if i had hit it. i put my arms inside my jacket as i waited for the longest 30 minutes of my life. finally i could get up off my stand and i went to look for blood. and there right where she had stood i found a big splash of blood. my dad was standing by me now and he helped me track it. she ran maybe 60 yards and died in the brush. my dad made me feild dress it but that was ok because it warmed my hands up
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