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jaybird2 12-16-2004 03:38 PM

tracks in the mud?
Is there any difference between a doe and a buck track? every artical i read says there is no defference, is this right?

halcon 12-16-2004 04:26 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
I have read articles both pro and con and guess it depends on which you tend to believe.

PaJack 12-16-2004 04:32 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
Some hunters claim say they are different...:eek:

JerseyJim 12-16-2004 04:45 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
A buck's and a doe's feet are built the same but things to look for are this...Size! A bigger track is made by a bigger deer and bucks tend to be bigger then doe's. Look at all the tracks in your area and you will see an average size. Then look for the bigger tracks. Might be a big doe but is more likely to be a buck. Also the depth of the tracks can tell you if the deer is heavier then the others and again bucks tend to carry more wieght then the doe's. It's not an exact science but if you study the tracks you know were made by a buck in your area you can start to know what to look for. Of course there will always be a giant doe or two to throw you off but thats all part of hunting! Good luck.....Jim

SKIDMARK 12-16-2004 05:23 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
I just love when guys say "look at that buck track". What they have grown to believe is when the dew claw is visible behind the track its a buck. I've laughed so many times at these people and most will look at you like your stupid to not know what a buck track looks like. The best you can do is what the previous poster said is to make an educated quess based on the size of the track. There was a nice buck shot on a youth hunt I was on that weighed in at 184. Thats a big deer for our area but he had the feet the size of an average size doe, say 120 lbs. They say that the only way to tell is in about 2 to 3 inches of snow or mud. A buck tends to drag his feet while walking.

NHBuck 12-16-2004 06:14 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
A bucks tracks will typically be wider between the prints. Bucks have a wider chest therefore the track is wider. Of course until the deer is about 2 years old the width will be similar to the does in the area. A great book about tracking is Big Bucks The Benoits Way. They spend a great deal of time showing and talking about track charecteristics.

MOTOWNHONKEY 12-16-2004 06:44 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
A big bucks track is east to tell the diference from a does. Skidmark in his shorts needs to brush up on his scouting. I can tell the difference. Maybe their hoofs are alot alike but let me tell you size matters!

DelcoJim 12-16-2004 09:18 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
I'm with JerseyJim
compare the tracks and hunt the bigger deer, I have hunted in Maine and when you see a big track you know , maybe not the size of the rack but the size of the deer. when you come upon a bruiser it really hits home and you say " now thats gotta be a buck". but the only way to find a big racked buck is to find him in his tracks

Split-Hoof 12-16-2004 11:04 PM

RE: tracks in the mud?
As NHBuck said, "Big Bucks the Benoit Way" is a good book to start you in the right direction if you are unfamiliar with tracking.

Yes there is a difference between buck and doe tracks, but the difference will vary depending on which region you hunt. There are many variables to consider. Learning to read tracks takes time and commitment, and even the best of trackers are always learning.

If you are reading articles that say there is no difference between a buck and a doe track, you are reading very misleading articles.

I can start you off with some basic tracking tips, but the only way to improve is with experience, which means some serious footwork and the ability to pay close attention to detail. Snow is a huge benefit when it comes to tracking, but that doesn't mean that it is useless on bare ground.

Since you are talking about tracks in the mud, I will focus on that. First of all, you don't want to concentrate on one imprint. If the mud is quite soft, even a small doe might leave dewclaw prints. Is the deer running, walking, or trotting? It makes a huge difference. Therefore, look at where the other tracks are placed in relation to the first. A walking doe will not have much space (width-wise) in between prints. A mature buck will have more "staggered" tracks (if walking). If you see 4 deeply imbedded tracks close together (often overlapping), and then no more tracks until 10 or more feet away, this is obvioulsy a running deer (or, "on the jump" as we call it).

Big, mature bucks will have a much more flat and wide imprint than average deer. Where I'm from, big bucks will dress over 200 pounds,
and a big buck track is not easily overlooked by an experienced hunter (as DelcoJim pointed out). I realize that each region is different, but I also feel that every deer hunter can benefit from identifying and studying tracks more closely.

huntnma 12-17-2004 05:30 AM

RE: tracks in the mud?
i was taught that the does will have one foot imprint within another...they walk llike a lady, one foot in front of another .....the boys are walking side by side like men they leave a single track,side by side... i didnt believe it, but after spending so much time in the woods, i'm tendin' to believe it....but not 100%

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