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Deer-Slayer22 12-06-2004 07:11 PM

Wt. Retention
What exactly is weight retention? How does it affect stopping power and expansion?

Charley 12-06-2004 08:23 PM

RE: Wt. Retention
Weight retention refers to the weight of the bullet after impact. All things being equal (which they NEVER are), a bullet that retains a higher percentage of its original weight will penetrate further into the animal. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad. A solid, or a FMJ will retain almost 100 percent of their original weight. Penetration is great. Expansion is none existant.
On the other hand, a lightly constructed varmint bullet will expand like crazy, and fragment on impact. Weight retention and penetration are almost zero.
A good medium game bullet for deer will expand, and in the process some weight will be shed.

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