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My deer season has been a disaster

Old 12-07-2004, 11:47 AM
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Default RE: My deer season has been a disaster

Marskman, I hear what you saying and don't disagree, I just don't know how long I can hold up next to a subdivision. They just built a grocery store in front of me, about a 1/4 mile away. It didn't effect my hunting too much. I just can't take a whiz off the front porch anymore in the daytime. Are you close to the river?

Talondale, I paid $2200 an acre for my 6 acres 7 years ago. The grocery store paid $25,000 per acre for 10 acres on the road. The land I hunt sold on the courthouse for less than $1,000 per acre. The land south of me, which is rocks and sinkholes is for sale at $5,000 per acre and it wouldn't perk with dynamite. What makes me mad about people moving out of the cities is that they want to change the laws to what they had in the city. No shooting, no fireworks, etc. and you got to have a permit to fart in the city limits. I'm headed south down toward the Alabama line to look for land.
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Old 12-07-2004, 01:58 PM
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Default RE: My deer season has been a disaster

I know what your saying about changing the laws. My family has been vacationing on the outer banks of NC since 1969. We had a trailer on stilts on property next to the VA border and you had to 4X4 on the beach to get to it. Wild horses, wild huckleberries, fishing with nets and crabbing with twine, 400 yards of beach to yourself. Well the Feds bought all the property on the VA side and forced us to go completely around and come up from the south. Turning a 45 min trip into a 3 hr. trip. Well the blacktop kept creeping farther north and farther north and a lot of RICH (DuPont, Tom Cruise, etc) people from up north and Hollywood started buying up the property and putting multi-million dollar homes up. Next thing you know you cant camp on the beach, can't build fires on the beach, no fireworks, there's a speed limit, and a couple of sheriffs to enforce it. Then they start restricting use of ATV's (just when I could afford one) and putting restrictions on what you can and can't build on your lot. We would have to tear down the old trailer rather than adding on. My parents finally sold the property this year. I'm sad my kids won't get to experience the wild beach like I did but I'm sure it will be a resort town before too long anyway.
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Old 12-07-2004, 03:24 PM
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Default RE: My deer season has been a disaster

Guys--I hear and feel what you are saying. I live in NJ and have watched developers build McMansions and strip malls across some beautiful country. I do not knwo where the hell these people are coming from and god knows what kind of commute most of them have but everyone wants a "house in the county" that is brand new. I tell ya, most of the construction on these places is so shoody that they look like high end shanty towns after about 5 years.

I just joined the Open Space Committee in my town and you wouldnt believe some of the local politics involved. One guy actually thought that more development would "lessen the tax burden" but I wised him up when I said that the schools would need an addition/another few cops/road mantinence/etc/etc!

Hang in there.

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Default RE: My deer season has been a disaster

I am sick of developers, realtors and banks. I did also build huge home on ten acres, no homes around me for a few years and bam, six or seven houses went up. I know how to hunt the big woods and have lived in them for 30 years. I hope the construction and realestate industry crashes HARD or how we say HAAAAD greating from NH
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Old 12-07-2004, 03:58 PM
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Default RE: My deer season has been a disaster

I'm a college student that's in Construction Management so I'm probably one of the least liked guys on this forum at the moment. I love to hunt and I see where everyone is coming from, there are nice old homes all over the country that are left standing to slowly rot away while new homes are built and in most casses at lower quality. But I feel that many of you are somewhat hypocritical. Subdivision are being developed everywhere so we're moving out in the country so we can "enjoy nature." By enjoying nature we destroy more and more of it, makes sence, I think not. Maybe we have to look at our needs and wants, by wanting privacy we're all just adding to the problem of urban sprawl. If we're able to live side by side we'll be able to lessen the destruction of this beautiful country. Just my two cense, I'm sure I'll catch a lot of sh*t for this but so be it!
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Default RE: My deer season has been a disaster

rockytop, I live about 8 miles from the Tennessee river, and about 1/4 mile from the Buffalo River.
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