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Buckmasterflex 12-06-2004 12:39 PM

Food plots...
I am thinking about planting a food plot next year. Any suggestions on what to plant. I use a corn feeder and I put out Apples once or twice a week and they seem to be working fine. But I was just wondering if a food plot would bring in more deer. Any suggestions on what to plant?

FL/GA Hunter 12-06-2004 12:56 PM

RE: Food plots...
First off....

That's all the guys on this forum ever talk about. I'm sure they'll have plenty of good suggestions. The basic gist of it is - you need to figure out where you live, and what kind of moisture and growing seasons you have. That'll let you know what kind of seed will work well in your area. Then you get a soil test, and that tells you how to fertilize it. In Southeast Georgia, we've planted about five different varieties of seed, ranging from ironclay peas to oats to rye to random clover mixes that you get from Imperial and companies like that. With all the sunshine and rain (hurricane season!) we got this year, everything we planted came up GREAT, and the deer love all of it. Good luck! It's definitely more rewarding than throwing out apples!

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