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Nosler Ballistic Tips

Old 12-06-2004, 12:23 PM
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Default Nosler Ballistic Tips

Seems to be a conflict of terms..
Nosler is meant to penetrate deep and give you an exit hole (pretty vital IMHA)
Ballistic tips are meant to explode and cause max shock..
Is it possible to have both..??
I would be concerned that hitting a shoulder blade may cause the explosion and
prevent the typical nosler penetration.
Any experiences or comments. thanks
If these bullets can deliver both penetration and shock, why doesn't everyone use them.
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

My partners and I have been using ballistic tips for years both in smoke pole and long rifle. We have downed many deer with this bullet and not one has gone over 30 yards before folding up like a cheap lawn chair. I believe in them totally for their stopping/downing power. Years ago we could be tracking a downed animal for miles and hours after the "perfect" shot. Ballistic tip technology is great.
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Well Nosler doesn't really 'mean' anything, per se, it's just the company name - but they do like to build a bullet that will penetrate on game. And yes, the Ballistic Tip is a bullet that expands quickly and translates plenty of energy to the animal... but not to the point that it will just blow up when it hits bone. It's a well-made bullet... and... why doesn't everybody use them? Cuz they're expensive? Cuz people like other bullets' performances better? *shrug* who knows?
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Well Nosler doesn't really 'mean' anything, per se, it's just the company name
Actually there are both, a brand named Nosler, or you can purchase Nosler Partitions in Federal, Winchester, etc. I personally have Winchester 100gr .243 Nosler Partitions. 3 for 3 with this bullet, haven't had a deer run farther than 50yds on me. They are more expensive, and like others said, everyone has their own preference/opinion.
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Like Seirra, Barnes, Swift...it is the manufacturer's name the precursor to the bullet design. The nosler partition is designed to retain weight and deep penetrate while the Ballistic tip is design to expand at long distances and lower velocities. Both are "NOSLER" bullets, that is where the similarities end!

They are an excellent thin skin game load in med cal up to standard .308's provided they are used as intended. First if you shoot short distances (under 100), aim for heavy bone (ie shoulders), or higher velocity chamberings than you should consider choose the nosler partition or similar! While the NBT will work it will expand very rapidly (like designed) which causes less penetration and lots of damage. If you aim for the ribs and shoot 100 plus mostly it is a perfect suited bullet for deer and will work as good as any other available. If you should happen to contact bone be advised it will kill a deer sized animal with no problems but it will also ensue some meat loss. I have harvested many a deer with various NBT's and they work wonderfully (big holes, lots of blood and very short tracks if at all). I have punched them through deer at close and far ranges and through the shoulder but mostly take rib shot of 100 or better. No one could convince me that they aren't an excellent deer bullet for my needs - accurate and the deer fold tent as quick as any bullet I have ever used.
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

I've handed load nosler ballistic tips for my .308 for years. Never had one go further than 50 yards, the only bullet i will ever shoot...
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

When I started hunting again this year, a friend suggested I use the ballistic tips. I've killed 4 deer this year using them and every single one of them dropped on the spot when hit with it. I haven't had to track a single one. I really don't see myself changing to something else.
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

I also have used ballistic noslers, massive penetration, very fast and accurate. I shot an eight and it didnt go 10 yards before dying on the spot. I use a 120 grain 7mm08 best damn gun i have. small hole going in, lots of damage goin through and a quarter size exit wound.
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Default RE: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Nosler is just a company name. From what i have seen, i dont think they penatrate as well as a standard soft point, like a partition. they also wont hold up as well on bone hits. However, they expand fast and cut lots of stuff. good bullet. I don't use it though. I shoot one better: Hornady Interbond. Holds up better its basically a polymer tip bullet with the strength of a softpoint. I pay more for hornady ammuntion, but i know im getting the best and that the bullet will always do its job. Most of the polymer tipped bullets seem to be more accurate, but i dont think they give much of an edge on velocity. they're a bit more aerodynamic, but it isnt going to result in massive increases in speed. the farthest i've had anything run with an interbond is 30 yards. a doe too. she must not have read the energy charts or what she was supposed to do when the bullet hits her. i got both lungs and the top of the heart. but then again, if a deer just took a breath, it still will have oxygen in the brain for a little bit, giving it the ability to run a little ways. Adrenaline takes over too.

grizzmck, a deer will never go miles on a "perfect" hit. downed deer rarely go anywhere either. they usually like to lie down when they're "downed". if you want raw stopping power, dont go with the ballistic tip. just go up to the heaviest bullet you can get for your caliber, as it will increase your KE.

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