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Scored on a nice one in iowa

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Default Scored on a nice one in iowa

I'm thanking my lucky charms, as i was fortunate to shoot a great buck today in Iowa. He's a 9 pointer with an 18 inch spread, probably 120 ish score. All around good buck for second day. I was posting a drive on a knob, and it was about an 80 acre tract on our land we were pushing. we knew there were a pile of deer in there because the neighbors had been driving and a bunch of people were driving on teh public land next to us. i got to my spot, and i noticed the wind wasn't right. oh well. Behind me was a CRP field with some low corn(standing, but low and weedy) and in front of me a huge brush pile that runs along the field. its old treetops and logs and 7 foot tall brush and just all around thick stuff that we put ther ewhen we logged the hillside. the hillside i was watching was a corner of a knob, and it has a rock formation going all the way around it. theres only 2 holes in teh rock, and i was covering one. all in all, a good spot. we've taken some nice bucks off it before. I got settled in and opened up another box of Coppersolids to make sure i would have easy access in case i shot more than 5 round, which was pretty likely.

I heard movement, and got ready. a doe with 3 fawns came, followd by two 8 pointers which were at the ears. Then i saw Mr.big. I started to get a little nervous, but i took a deep breath and got the crosshairs on him. BOOM! miss..reload..BOOM! miss...i started to get a little ticked off. I figured i blew it. i said a prayer, and just asked God to give me one more crack at that buck. a spike ran out, and let him walk. After about a half hour, i started to get pretty mad because i missed an easy shot. Then i heard the deer start moving up top. a group of does started to come down with the same bucks , AGAIN. I was thanking my lucky stars because i was gonna get another crack at the buck. one of the bucks faced the wind, lip curled, and scented me. No way he was going to go down to face Death Himself. more deer started showing up. i figured it was just a bunch of does.

BOOM! and they're off..the guy around teh corner shot at a nice buck, and all hell broke loose. deer started pouring off the hillside. i go real nervous then. i put the gun to my shoulder, took the safety off, and aimed where the deer would come out. several does with 8 pointers at the ears came from the brush first. Nope, too small i thought. Then the big guy came out. the one i missed earlier too. i lined up a little forward than normal as he was moving at a good clip, and shot when he was about 30 yards away. i saw the slug impact and he faltered. No stopping him. it looked a bit back, but i figured it would be fine, as he was spraying blood all over. i pumped and swung over, looking fora doe. i shot and missed a couple of times. by now deer were flying past me, not caring about me. i had a group of does 3 feet away. if i wouldn't have been near a log, i would have been run over. i think it was about 50 deer that came down off the hillside. 1 nice 10 pointer that i missed. probably 15 bucks, 10 or 12 of them were smallish, most at the ears or smaller 8 points. the rest were does and fawns. the last thign to come out was a doe. i noticed blood around her rear, and got ready to shoot her, because i could see the neighbors wounded her and she ran into our drive. she stopped in teh cornfield, and i lost her. then she got up and ran up the opposite hill. I cranked teh scope up to 4X, took a knee, stopped her, and dropped her at 125 yards. she was shot in teh hind quarters, no broken bones though. glad i put her down. after the drive was over, i followed the massive blood trail through the cornfield to find my buck. deader than doorknob. a little far back, but he was dead. bled out really fast. a good 9 pointer. i took some quick pictures of him with the digital, but i got some better ones that i have to get developed. im not getting him mounted, not quite big enough. just a plaque mount.

oh, weird thing about my buck, he has a broken jaw from fighting.he wouldnt have made it through the winter with it, so i did him a favor.


Could somebody post the pictures for me if i email them? my posting pciture thing on here is kinda messed up for some reason. Thanks
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Default RE: Scored on a nice one in iowa

slayer, email me the pics and ill get them up. Congrats on a nice buck.
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