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adkfreeridex 12-02-2004 11:12 PM

i really need some help
ok, to start off i am in a hunting ethics class and the other day he gave us our final paper assignment: to read a philisophical paper that is either for or agaisnt hunting, then respond to it pointing out flaws and challenging it with the opposite view.
well the paper i drew was on the moral discrace of fox hunting in england
everything i have grown up to as a hunter is contrasted by fox hunting ie: you dont eat the fox, the dogs tear it up, not excactly respectful to the animal, and it is more of a social event than hunting...........
so i must now write a 7 page paper ACCEPTING fox hunting in terms of its morality.
what i need are some key morally acceptable points about fox hunting that i can expand upon in my paper. any suggestions?
feel free to say that im screwed, because it might very well be the truth

headhunter300win 12-02-2004 11:48 PM

RE: i really need some help
other than the on-coming mini cooper i dont think that the eastern fox has any natural predators other than the wankers that chase them on horse back..So on a serious note you could say that it helps control population, but you could still get away with saying that having the dog destroy the animal is disrespectful. You could compare it with coyote hunting here in the states, just without the horses and dogs. I dont know many deer hunters that wont bust a coyote if they see one, and ive never heard of anyone eating them.
hope this helps

adkfreeridex 12-03-2004 10:36 AM

RE: i really need some help
thing is there are other, more moral/ethical/humane ways of population control than hounding, so that argument wont work for me, as for comparing it to killing yotes....a moral evaluation of yote killing is almost as hard...the only thing better is that the kills are clean....but with killing yotes, and analyizing it with a utilitarian eye, the moral crimes far out number the moral good (in most cases), which means that yote killing is immoral. so i cannot use that argument either in my paper. thanks though for trying

woody7 12-04-2004 07:14 AM

RE: i really need some help
Work in the tradition thing. Handed down through generations from one aristocrat to the next. Whoops that won't work. Control of predation to benefit endangered species residing in same area. Rabies prevention. Just say what a liberal would like to hear.

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