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thecontractor 12-02-2004 04:12 AM

When the deer aren't moving
Well it's thursday and up here in Warren County Pennsylvania the campers are gone and most people are working so there aren't going to be very many hunters in the woods moving the deer around which could prove to be a loooooong day for any hunter that tries to bag a prize today. If I get to go (have to call into work at 7:30 to see if they need me) I will be heading to the woods that I've been hunting forever. The problem is that the owner of the property has been logging it for two years now and there is a very large amount of the land covered with downed trees which means when there's nobody in the woods helping to move them, I'll need to hunt the buggers like you do rabbits (but without the dogs of course). When this needs done, I usually use the "walk and sit" method. Sometimes I only move about 20 yards at a time and sit down for ten minutes or so and repeat. It can go either way................ I could kick them out and have them run like a bat out of h double hockey sticks or they might run and stop and try to circle, it's all a roll of the dice. But I'll be honost, I'm not a sit around all day in a tree stand kind of guy just to look at woodpeckers all day. Plus, I've had most of my success with this type of hunting. What do you guys/gals do when the deer aren't moving (besides for deer drives)???

Striper Phil 12-02-2004 04:44 AM

RE: When the deer aren't moving
I honker down and sit in the stand and wait. And yes it is hard to do. I never have much luck moving around. Last year after the first week in Novembet when I got a buck I hunted at least 20 times until December 30 without seeing a deer. No one else in the woods by me to push them.

Ptrbilt 12-02-2004 05:07 AM

RE: When the deer aren't moving
Typically the opening day I try to sit in my spot as long as my patience, and the weather, allow. Then I move around a bit and sit again till dark. After the first day I do alot of the walk and sit method. The area I hunt, in Somerset County has also been cut in the past three years. It's been an ongoing cutting so the deer are moving back into some of the thick areas with good browsing. I went out yesterday in the high winds and the deer seemed to let you get pretty close before they jumped. A few would jump and stop, one of them is at the butcher right now, and the rest would take off like UPS delivering the Christmas packages.

This Saturday I'll treat the moring like opening day. In our area it seems to draw a bunch of hunters that can only hunt on weekends so it'll get busy again.

thecontractor 12-02-2004 05:13 AM

RE: When the deer aren't moving
Ptrbuilt, that's basically the same way i look at it. opening day is when you can sit back and let them come to you and the first saturday is just like the opening day if not better due to the hunters who can't get off during the week. speaking of UPS, that's what i do this time of year. I'm looking to get out of the contracting business once I get hired fulltime at UPS. The problem is it takes about six or seven years to hired fulltime as a driver, but once you're in...................... you got it made. can't complain about $27 an hour, full benefits, profit sharing and last but not least, a good retirement plan which i have none of those working for myself. all i have with owning my own business is HEADACHES!!!!

standsnblinds 12-03-2004 02:12 PM

RE: When the deer aren't moving
I like a self climber. It allows you to scout around for some rubs or scrapes and then just throw it up on the best and closest tree. It also gets your sent up off the ground. In my opinion its the most effective way to hunt.

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