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Buck Huntin Girl 11-29-2004 03:19 PM

Help... looking for a picture
Hey guys n dolls...

Question for everyone, I was gone for 5 days, so I can't remember where I saw this picture, but someone on here posted a picture of a deer in the last two weeks with an incredibly TALL rack with brow tines all of the way up... who posted that and does anyone remember where that post is?


Buck Huntin Girl 11-29-2004 08:36 PM

RE: Help... looking for a picture
okay... here's the deal guys and gals... there is a very important reason I am asking this... I had one of our good friend's over here today and his brother's good friend shot a buck with TALL brow tines, almost as tall as the rest of it's rack, and Cabelas offered him a nice sum of money... and I am talking NICE sum of money for the mount, he didn't give it to him and my first curiosity was whether it was the one posted on here or if the one on here was different. This guy did NOT accept the offer (I would have in a heartbeat!), but I figured that if this was a different person, they may offer $ to them too if they contacted Cabelas. Cabelas had apparently found the picture of the mount on the internet somewhere, so it could have been here, I just was trying to help someone out!! That's a LOT of money (I'm not sure I can disclose the amount here, so I am not going to, but trust me, it's WELL worth checking into!)

I got a PM with a picture of a buck with long brow's and it may be the one, but I don't know...

Buck Huntin Girl 11-29-2004 08:39 PM

RE: Help... looking for a picture
never mind was trying to add a picture but I can't... crap.

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