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TURKEY FAN 11-29-2004 06:53 AM

Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
Well this is for you buckeys!! Today is opening day Nov 29th 2004. and i am stuck here at work[:@] This blows!! about posting your opening day hunts on here? Let us know how was your opening day. Good luck, hope you all get a nice one!:D Cant wait to hear your stories.

joshtribe 11-29-2004 08:11 AM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
As Slick Willie used to say, "I feel your pain." Haha.

I'm stuck here at college...and it's the opening day of gun season!

My dad and my bro headed out before the sun came up this morning. About the same time, I hit the road for school. I was going down a back road near the woods they were going to hunt in when I was passed by a dude in a big Dodge doing about 65 mph. Then I saw them....three does racing through the darkness on a collision course with the Dodge I was now following. I slowed down immediately, but I don't think he saw them cause he hit one of the does head on. HE swerved around for a hundred feet or so and then stopped to inspect the damage. I slowed down behind him and was about to get out and check to make sure everyone was ok when an big 8 pointer ran across the road in front of me. The guy was ok, but he banged up the front of his truck pretty bad. Wouldn't suprise me if my dad and bro were making too much noise on their way to the blind and spooked them out.

When I neared the school, I saw hunters driving a woods near a busy highway. Then through the early morning light, I saw a car along the highway and a semi that had jacknifed, blocking the whole road. I bet a deer crossed the highway causing the car to slow down suddenly causing the semi behind it to brake hard.

So, keep your eyes open this week, the deer will be running everywhere. Drive and hunt safely!

I think I'm gonna get out to hunt Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and maybe Friday, if I don't have too much homework of course[:'(]

etothepii 11-29-2004 08:44 AM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I'm with you Turkey Fan. i'm working 12 hours today -- won't get home until dark.

My first hunt will be tomorrow evening, and that might be all until Muzzleloading season.

TURKEY FAN 11-29-2004 03:20 PM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
well the last wee hours of opening gun season are coming to a close, as i sit here at work i picture all the blaze orange vests entering the field and hopefully dragging a trophy out. I listen to the news and here all the traffic and accidents on the highway and i can picutre myself squeezing the last bit of light out of the day waiting for a deer to come into range. I cant wait to call my long term hunting buddy who is my uncle and ask him how was his opening day. This is the first opening deer shotgun season that i have missed in 15yrs. I am a bowhunter but i do like to get out with my uncle with the ol shotgun atleast once. Lets hear some stories guy's, i know you got em for ohio!

shpines 11-29-2004 05:53 PM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
Well, I got lucky, no work for me today. Sorry guys. Anyway My dad, hubby, and I all went out this morning and this afternoon. I saw 2 does this morning, but couldn't get a shot on either one of them. My hubby and dad both saw deer, but either couldn't get a shot, or knew that someone, or a house was close and didn't want to chance it. So, back out we go in the morning. Good luck everyone. Be safe.

TURKEY FAN 11-30-2004 10:27 AM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
bump for the buckeyes.

TURKEY FAN 12-02-2004 12:56 PM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
Cmon ohioians, i know you all already have to be tagged out, where are ya?

DearSlayer357 12-02-2004 02:05 PM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
I havnt got one yet... I'm going sat and sunday in monroe county so... Saw 16 or so monday but no shots.

johnch 12-02-2004 02:17 PM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!
I got a dor tue morn. . Of the 4 of us I got a doe ( buck with bow) and let 4 bucks walk past my stand ,the other 3 got a nice 6 point a spike and 3 does .
I was in Vinton county ,there was maybe 1/2 the hunters of other years.
Where was everybody?
Also it sucks with a nerely full moon watching deer walk past your stand at 5:30 am heading back from feeding going into a few year old clearcut to bed.

joshtribe 12-02-2004 09:10 PM

RE: Ohio Gun Season!!!!!!!!'s my huntin' story.

On Tuesday after college, I went with my brother to hunt from our blind we made. At about 2:30 we set up in the woods and waited...and waited, and waited. Saw nothing. At 5:10 PM, quitting time, we packed up and unloaded our guns. As we left the blind and headed for the truck, two deer (too dark to tell if they were bucks or does) jumped out of the woods into the field about 10 yards from our blind. They joined up with 3 other deer from the other woods and together they raced around the country side. It's almost like they had watches on and new when it was safe to party...we couldn't believe it. If they had jumped out a couple minutes earlier, we'd be gloating about the deer we got.

He had to work, and I had school, so we didn't get to hunt until this afternoon. We got back to the blind about 3:30 where we put out some Excite doe urine and some vanilla, an idea I got from this forum. I blew on the doe call off and on, but we saw nothing. At about 4:55PM, I heard what sounded like a twig snapping from inside the woods. Then I felt my brother tap me on the leg. I slowly turned and looked at his hand. He gave me the ok sign, pointed to the east (the direction he was facing...looking into the woods...I was looking north along the edge of the woods), and put up two fingers, meaning two deer. I turned just enough to get a peak, I saw a doe's face and the flickering of a whitetail about 50 yds. into the woods. The excitement was unbearable. My heart started beating so fast I thought it was gonna explode. I began to hyperventilate and shake as the snapping twigs got louder and louder. I couldn't really look their way or they'd sense the motion and run, so I tried to listen and see what I could out of the corner of my eye. Click, my brother turned off his safety (of his Mossberg 500), I took the cue and clink...I cocked my Savage Model 90 single shot 20 gauge birdgun. My brother had a decent shot as they got closer, but for some reason, he didn't shoot. Instead, we sat like statues in the blind as the deer walked behind me, and then around to my right side. I could believe it...they were licking the doe urine off of the twigs around the blind, about 5 feet away from me. They had no clue I was there. Thanks to those who provided the scent neutralizer recipe and too my cover scent, face mask, and paint. When they turned and started to sniff at the vanilla I put on the ground about 10 yards away, I took the opportunity to slowly pull my gun out of the slit facing the north to the slit facing the east where I sighted up with the biggest of the deer. I heard the noises of a third deer, but I figured if it was bigger and better than the one I was aiming at, then my brother would have stopped me from shooting. When the deer turned and bent over to eat some wheat, it offered me a perfect 20 yard broadside shot. Any hesitation I had left me because who knows when I'd get another shot like that. I pulled the trigger. The deer jumped and took off running back into the woods. I immediatelly told my bro, "Good hit! Good hit!" I could see a dark patch behind its shoulder as it ran. We waited about 5 minutes before we got out and looked for the blood trail. I always thought blood trails would be hard to find and follow....this one was clear as day. We came across the deer about 60 yards from where I shot it. On closer evalution, what we thought was a doe was actually a young buck with 1 inch antlers. So we took some pics, hauled it to where we had some light (it was getting dark) and field dressed it. That was an adventure in and of itself...neither of us had field dressed a deer before. But other than the fact that it took us a long time, I think we did pretty good. My shot was perfect vertically, but too close to the guts. The slug had gone into the last couple ribs near the diaphram, ricocheted off the ribs, and gone through the stomachs, not a total lung shot, but not a total gut shot either. So I didn't get a monster buck and my shot wasn't perfect, but hey, it was my first deer, so I'm proud of that. It's a memory that'll last forever. Tomorrow I'm gonna get my kill registered and taken to the butcher. Should be yummy.

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