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Default RE: I have a problem with this

I agree with you there, I feel that knobbies should be let walk, around here most camps have a 50$ fine to members if they shoot one. They are easy to distinguish and they are the future of the herd. My 2 cents.
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

How can you tell the diffrences Between a BB and another yearling doe
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

I don't think that a person should be punished for taking a button buck. Everyone is at different stages of the game. While a button buck may be sub-standard for a trophy hunter, it may be a trophy for some-one else. Yes it is the future buck for a trophy hunter, but it also may be a meal for a hungry family. I personally will hold out for a more mature buck. But at the same time I will be happy for the guy that doesn't get that many deer to take one. The guy that took one with his son is teaching him the valuable lessons of hunting and life and death. That child is just as much the future of hunting as that button buck is. The child has just as much chance as being a lobbiest for hunting when we are old and grey as that button buck has a chance at being a trophy. On another note, bucks will grow better racks after they have wintered well. The feed needed to let the bigger bucks winter well is better if there are less mouths to feed. Just a thought.
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

If you want to hold out for bigger bucks then good for you, but i dont think anybody has the right to make other people hold out. I shot the first thing that walked under my stand this year, and it happened to be a 6 pointer. If it would have been a button buck i wouldnt have known for one thing until it was down, but the only regret i would have had was that a bigger one didnt walk in earlier. In the area where we hunt usually there are a lot of deer, but the last two years it was slow, i was the only one that even got a shot at one. my brothere just got a quick look before it ran off. If you dont go by its brown its down, you will be hungary. From my experience it is nearly impossible to tell a button buck from anything else unless you have a lot of time to look at it, or if it is with another deer. It will most likely not be with another deer because if it is near the rut the mother will have kicked it out. Carpmaster you must have some AWSOME eyes if you think button bucks are easy to distinguish. Me, i have less then perfact eyesight, and i hunt in thicker woods, it is nearly impossible to impossible to tell the differance between a button buck and a doe fawn or a less then mature doe.
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

sharpshot has hit the nail on the head on this one. i have accidentally killed 2 this year while i thought i was filling my limit of two deer during muzzleloading season. it is almost impossible to tell that one has nubs on its dagum head i dont care how good ur eyes are man. yea after walking up on both of them i regretted it instantly. and one of them was with 5 other deer....so i dont think that a button being wtih other deer maters....it was jus tbad luck that i picked it out instead of a scrawny doe.
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

I think that there are cases to be made for each point. If a hunter is at an early stage in his career than any animal is and should be considered a trophy. If a hunter is out for meat then, likewise, any animal will do--although the hunter might better benefit from taking a mature doe if possible--which will usually be larger than a button buck. and if you can not distinguish between the two than accidentel shootings of buttons confused with a doe are bound to happen. I know I have accidentally shot them before (thinking they were a doe). However, I know some hunters where I grew up (WV) and still go back to hunt will take a small--SMALL--buck over a doe anytime--as a better trophy-and they may do this every year-and to my way of thinking they don't do this for any other reason than to prove they are successful whitetail buck hunters---Get your buck? Yeah, got my buck. (although he was a 4 inch spike). It really doesn't prove anything--the small bucks are usually the dumbest of all deer.--mature does are much smarter--although more plentiful. These are usually the same ones that complain about the quality of bucks they see--you can't shoot a big one if you shoot a little one first. and you can't always have big ones if you kill the majority of little ones. I'm just saying that a doe is every bit as good a "trophy" as a small buck--so (If you have a choice) why not let the small ones go and possibly get big--sorry--1 more point--It is awful hard to be a sincere trophy hunter when you know that everyone else in the area that you hunt would shoot the deer that you are passing on so IMHO group cooperation is the key.
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

I try not to shoot one. .Comes down to if you DO NOT want to .ID your target before pulling the trigger or release. Especially in bow it is not difficult to ID a button.During gun it takes a little more patience ,but a button of course will be smaller,stubby nose and most the time have been kicked out of mommas herd. So they are alone.When ever I see a small deer alone and acting stupid I check it out real close before shooting
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

i try not to shot BB i took a big 4 point buck ( it took me and a friend to get on the atv at lest 150 pounds guted ) the next day i saw a small 4 pointer like 15 feet from me i let it pass and then i saw what i thought was a doe killed it turned out to be a BB if i saw it was a BB i would have let him pass for next year's kill
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Default RE: I have a problem with this

There are many good points in the posts above. However, I feel confident saying that there's very few people, if any, on here who hunts just for the head gear. We all eat the meat, and that's the real trophy (just like hillbillyhunter1 mentioned). I let BB and small head gear walk if I can help it. In Georgia we can legally take 10 antlerless and 2 antlered deer. I'll shoot a doe in a heart beat for some meat. I shot a deer earlier this season and I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the knots on it's head when I got to the deer. (Not all the time can you tell a difference) But that feeling only lasted about a week. That's when the meat processor called for me to pick up my deer. When I cooked up some cubed steak that night I felt a little better.

I hope we all find get our trophies this year. I'm still working on a nice sized buck with nice sized head gear.
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