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Squatting doe?

Old 11-09-2004, 05:30 PM
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Default Squatting doe?

I've been set up overlooking a scrape this past week and I've seen a lot of activity. This afternoon I went crunching thru the leaves to my ground blind. I happened to look over and I could see a doe bedded down about 20 yards away. Why she did not spook and run I don't know. At about 4:30 she gets up and makes her way over to the scrape. She stands there lefts her tail and does No.2. Then rubs her muzzle all over the licking branch above the scrape. Then she takes two steps and squats like a human would. I couldn't tell if she was urinating or what as I've never seen a deer pee anyway. She then stands up and carefully licks the insides of her back legs. It was comical to see a deer squat like that!
Was she urinating or something else?
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Old 11-09-2004, 06:01 PM
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

Absolutley Jen.I have many trail cam pics of does doing the squat in scrapes.With the rut coming on hard she is advertising her need for a boyfriend.If the scrape is being checked regularly by a buck and she hangs out there,get ready for some action..

If you have a doe in heat can call I would be using it in a nearby stand.
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

I seen a doe do the same thing tonight. she squated right to the ground almost touching. rut is here i think
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

you know deer never used to squat but since the number of woman hunters has gone up they have learned this by watching
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

Oh man are you in trouble big time.[:@][:@][:@]
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

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Default RE: Squatting doe?

The behaviour you indicated is a doe in heat/very close. They will squat to urinate on the ground and gland area, will lick the gland area and they will lick branchs all in a effort to attract boyfriends.

Last year while mulie hunting I watched a string of does in a wide open hay meadow all do this behaviour, your right it was quite comical to see 6 or 7 does come out of the willows and do this squating thing. Less than a hour later the first of 4 bucks appeared nose to the ground on the trail of the honeys.
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

Thats someting Ive never seen but of course Im always in public hunting areas so the pressure on the deer is heavy.

bob d I think you blew it buddy!
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

Oh man are you in trouble big time.
You're just jealous Annie your butt gets cold in the winter and ours doesn't LMAO
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Default RE: Squatting doe?

Interesting post. It must be safe to say that it is a gender issue as far as the multiple female species utilizing the facilities together!
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