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dogs in the deer woods

Old 11-11-2004, 01:43 PM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Where in the world do you get that a dog doesn't eat the deer. I have seen dogs bring almost thru a field and eat on it. Especially feral dogs. I had a does hind all eaten away while hanging last year from dogs eating it.
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Ok I stand corrected I should of said a well fed pet usually wont eat a deer.
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Old 11-11-2004, 02:07 PM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Big tough man to shoot a dog. What a POS. Over a deer. I about shot a man over this issue. Somebody shoots my dog, they better worry about themselves when they climb into a stand 5AM.
So you wouldn't shoot a dog over a deer but you'de shoot a human over a dog. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm??
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Old 11-11-2004, 02:12 PM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

I have a few stories about dogs and lost deer due to dogs. I won't elaborate. I love dogs and would never shoot one - but- IMO a lousy no good mutt has no business in or around deer hunting ground unless its legal to use them to drive deer. Keep them leashed or penned. In areas where deer have no natural enemy a dog is its worst enemy! just my .02
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Some humans aren't worth a dog. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I ain't alone. I just can't tell ya what I would do. Nobody knows. I just know they would wish they didn't do it. I mean, your vehicle, or house isn't worth it. I ain't saying I would do that, but am saying alot of folks hold thier dogs in high reguard and its just plain stupid to take a risk like this for a deer. When the situation could be resolved different ways. I did some real stupid things in my teens and even early 20's. Things that were wrong much like this shooting dog thing. I look back now, and see this and have sincere regret.

Mistakes happen. Just this morning, my dobie, just took off after a rabbit. Got the lease right out of my hands. I hit him with the shock a few times and started worrying about the yahoo's that live beside me after not hearing from him, especially after this post. And their mentality when it comes to their deer hunting. "if I see a dog, I just shoot it" (even though I have yet to see them bring home a trophy buck, its usually doe, that they give away) He didn't get far. And came back. But this is a situation where things could have gone wrong. Was I that negligent. Does he deserve shot cause he scared off a buck someone was hunting. Does he deserve poisoned by these neighbors in retaliation? He did what came natural to him. Chase prey. I will learn from this and keep a better hold on our training sessions.
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

[quote]ORIGINAL: kevin1

Roost ,
What I'm thinking you're all failing to understand is the magnitude of the problem
... but you don't seem to grasp that once Rover is on his on for awhile he invaribly reverts to pack mentality and seeks out a pack to join [quote] ORIGINAL: Roostem1st Now if the dog is left in the woods for a year and is ferociously attacking game VOILA it is FERAL. Shoot away Kevin I couldn't post the quotes so they look pretty but maybe you could re-read what I was saying. I DO UNDERSTAND!!! Maybe it won't take a year for the dog to be feral but in any case I do see that they can become feral if left to their own.
I am sorry if I suggested you like to shoot pets. That was not the point I was after. Just telling what Feral was. I live in the country where a man depends on his neighbors and knows them, a far cry from what some of the city or suburban lifestyles boast. I've lived in both and choose the country. I'm not a "poor little doggy" kinda guy, rather a respectful person who evaluates each situation in the woods with an open mind. Yeah the farmers dogs have ruined some hunts but his property has also yielded some great hunts and a bounty fit for a king on my dinner table. He respects me enough to allow me to hunt and I respect him and his property. I depend on him for refuge from the day to day affairs of work and life. He counts on me to control his Coyote population and provide him with fresh tenderloin this time of year. Good Luck to ya this season!!
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Thanks for being understanding Roost ,
cityfolk just don't have a clue when it comes to the strays they think nothing of dumping on us and the problems they can cause . Good luck to you too .
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Thats right Kevin1, your the only one here from the country. Or understands the country.

Roost, man you say you come from bowling green. But from a fellow kentuckian from Pike County/ Martin, we consider that area the yups of the state. No offense. When I was there last it was much more populated than Coal Country.
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

For any of you guys who say you would shoot a dog while deer hunting - you are a stupid P O S. I usually could care less what others do as long as they keep it to themselves but this is something I feel strongly about. If any of you idiots ever come acrossed one of my dogs in the woods and decide to be a 'big man' and shoot them you better hope I dont find out. I would feel no remorse over shooting someone that shot one of my dogs.
Those of you who ask "You'd shoot a person over a dog?", obviously dont understand the relationship between a man and his pets. They are like family. Some people say that its my own negligence since my dog is running freely through the woods. You telling me your dogs have never gotten loose? I let my dogs run every day in the yard but once in a while they sneak off into the woods without me noticing.
got a lot more to say but Im gonna stop for now...dont need to add too much fuel to the fire..
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Just curious - do those whose pets are like family let their kids play in the road?
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Quick Reply: dogs in the deer woods

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