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dogs in the deer woods

Old 11-10-2004, 03:47 PM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Man, their dogs, not wolfs. Come on. I grew up in Eastern Ky mountains and mountains. Dog packs everywhere. big Deal. If you know how to deal with dogs, its not. Belittleing people by saying Poor doggy crowd won't help anything. I got attacked by a dog at 5AM in 1997. I hit the dog with my gun a few times, and it was over. I sure wasn't going to shoot it cause I was walking thru a farm that I just got permission too. And it was the farmers dog. I dealt with it, explained what happened to the farmer, and moved on, killed a nice 8 pt that evening.

These guys are basically saying shoot a dog period. This sounds like jeffery dahmers of the world. And gives hunters a bad name. He got off on killing things for no reason too. Some are on here saying people should be responcible and keep thier dogs put up. people make mistakes. Accidents happen. Have the decency to find out who's dog it is. Ask them if they could control thier dogs, and explain to them the possibilitys of mixups and accidents. Maybe he don't know. Not everyone is aware of hunting seasons or nor should they have too. If it happens a time or two again, then they get what they get. And besides its illegal in alot of the country to shoot a dog for the reasons mentioned except self protection.

I shoot Coyotes on one farm without thinking. I don't want them to get their feet dug in there where I turkey and duck hunt. Its legal, and I know for a fact they don't belong to someone. But malicously shooting a dog cause your mad cause you think it ruined your hunt. Come on, I mean if you need a deer that bad, I can get ya a deer.
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

ya know as the old saying goes "We Have Already Beat This Dead Horse To Death".
I know in the area where I hunt it is legal to run deer with dogs,so if you see a "Deer Dog" it is best you hold your fire.if not the next shot might be in your direction.
A wild dog and you can tell if it is wild , is another story.

Let's Not Give The Peta People Any More Ammo Than They Already Have" JMHO.[&:]
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Old 11-10-2004, 08:15 PM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

I don't get it, the threats to shoot at or kill a human if a dog is shot? Explain to your family why your in prison or to the other hunters kids why they don't have a daddy!
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Have the owner of the dog keep his dog on his property! If dogs are chasing deer that's an invitation to shoot the dog.
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Old 11-10-2004, 10:55 PM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

I dont shoot dogs because they ruined my hunt I only shoot them if I see them on the heels of a deer especially a fawn, at least a coyote will eat its kill. We are not allowed to hunt deer with dogs as its considered unfair and harassment to the deer. Then the statement ive read a few times on this post ( shoot a dog over a deer?) If thats how you truly feel then why are you even in the woods hunting them? What makes a dog more valuable than a deer? Because its some bodys pet? If they really love their dog they wouldnt let it out to run knowing that it might get shot. Then you got the dog owner who says he will shoot you if you shot his dog (shoot a person over a dog?)We all have different values and different views. This subject has been beat to death and we come to the conclusion that there are people that will shoot a dog and there are people that wont so what did this subject do? Nothing!
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Remember Guys, if you shoot it you have to eat it, and dog doesn't taste bad!
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Well i for one have no problem killing a dog . i have shot many in different situations. as a police officer we would put them down if they were running wild and could not be caught.

I live in the country and don't have a county animal control. i have to assume that job and have. i shot a guy down the roads dog after i told him the dog better stay off my place and out of my trash barrel. the dog didnt and well hasn't been it again . and yep i told him.

I have another a part pit bull running around . one of my sons is terrified of dogs and this dog is aggressive and has given him a scare a few times . my nieghbor knows his dogs days are numbered when i catch him here. and i will.

now i don't just go around shooting dogs for a thrill cause it really isnt a thrill. i look at it the same as catching a mouse in a trap. sometimes you have to remove the problem.

now for hunting nah i can't say i have shot a dog for ruining a hunt . i have come close . i had a guy running his dogs about 4 miles away and they ended up on our leases . i met the guy and even helped him find his dog. but i explained to him next time he might not be so lucky to get his dog.

do i hate dogs ? NO! i just don't and never will place the value of thier lives as equal to a humans. and IMO the person that sees them equal really needs help.
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

Well, Timber, maybe its not your job to "get it". Maybe everyone doesn't have to think like you to be right. Maybe you drive some rediculous F350 but don't pull the first thing. Its not my job to get you, just repect your opinion. A good ole dog gives more to society than some slob yuppie hunter. I get along with dogs better than I do with most people. Are they worth more than some people. You bet ya. I seen some people that arn't worth trying for.

I guess you got to ask yourself is it worth it. Is it worth all the possible conflicts. Some people treat them as children as I do. I train them everyday. Every situation is different. Are you on your own property? How remote are you. Do you know the owner. Has this become a problem animal? Is this public property? Did the dog have a collar? Are you doing this cause your sick SOB, that just gets off for killing things. Or does hunting have a deeper meaning for you. Common sense can go a long way. I have had to put dogs/cats down for numerous reasons. None of them gave me any joy and took something from me. But it had to be done in most cases.
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

well said bigcountry.
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Old 11-11-2004, 11:36 AM
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Default RE: dogs in the deer woods

When it comes to a coyote or a dog if they are running a fawn and finally run it to exhaustion and then they kill it the dog will walk away not a coyote it will eat its kill. Case in point a coyote chases and kills for a reason Hunger. A dog because its what dogs do. In this situation a dog is worse than a coyote and I wouldnt hesitate to shoot either.
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