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Old 10-25-2004, 01:48 PM
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Default Video Clip

Here is a video clip of me filming a friends younger brother on Saturday, I let him borrow a crossbow of mine so he could finally stop scaring the deer away and hit something. It is a younger doe but only his second deer ever taken without a rifle. He shot a little early on the deer while quartering to him but still got the heart and lungs. Shot was 38 yeards

Video clip 4.67 mb
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Nice video work. You should apply to Realtree for a cameraman job.
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Wow man pretty cool
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Default RE: Video Clip

Awesome .
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Great video.

What is the idea behind measuring the ear spread on does?
Is that like a size thing for does

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Default RE: Video Clip

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OK I'll probably get some flack for this and maybe I am wrong as I am just getting back into deer hunting after being gone for a long while, maybe I just need to be educated a little. But I was trained to only take bucks and if it's the first day or two of the hunt let the little ones slide and wait to maybe get a bigger six pointer versus a forky. Now I do know that you can take does and in some parts of the country they actually encourage certain numbers to be taken, even to a point of having to fill two doe tags before even getting a buck tag, a buddy told me something about that in Geogia I think but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
So I know about population control and how deer populations have exploded because of pissy little liberal animal lovers yada yada yada and I am a right wing, red blooded, blue collared, hammer swinging, gun toting hunter so don't come down on me as the enemy. But to take such a skinny little doe? Man, my Chocolate Lab is bigger than that thing. Once again, maybe there is more than I know, tell me if there is, you only learn by asking.

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nice job
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Metro, hopefully nobody will "come down" on you, but perhaps I can shed some light on this subject. I am sure that it was once frowned upon to take a small doe, as I understand that in a day now passed, it was a good hunt to see a deer track in the woods. This is, however, by no means the case anymore in most situation. First off, remember that there is a lot more to the hunt than a nice big buck. Do you remember your first deer? I remember mine...a nice little buck that weighed in at around 114 lbs, give or take a few. It was something deeper than taking a big buck. It was the hunt, emotion, the effort. I hunted probobly 7 or 8 years before getting this buck. I had to learn and earn my place through my own supplied effort and hard hunting. I had that hunting drive, and the 114 lb payoff was as sweet as the guy on TV shooting the buck that I will never see in my neck of the woods. What I am getting at is, by reading the above post, this sounds like it could have been the guys first deer, or at least some big accomplishment for him. He should get some credit and some congrats. It was a legal, good, clean, well placed shot, and he owes no explanation to anyone from what I can tell since he lives in America. I would say the same thing if he had shot a spike. Now, as far as management, taking does is a definite plus. Taking older does may be better for the future of the herd, but a doe is a doe, and venison is venison. Now in my opinion, though management is a good reason to hunt, I still believe that something better lies in the hunt...that is, I think hunters shoot a lot of does and say, "Management," but I hope that something more thrilling and less boring than "Management" is flowing through their minds. I know that when I took my first doe, I was saying, "Accomplishment," as it was the first deer I scouted, took, field dressed and dragged out all by myself. The buck was the first deer, but the doe was the first "solo effort" deer. Hopefully this long, and possibly somewhat dramatic post could help you understand why this could be such an accomplishment for this hunter. Good luck getting your trophy everyone, be it a monster, a doe, or a good ole 114 pounder!
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Metro, I don't know where you are from but at least in the areas I hunt they are doing more than encouraging us to take does, they are requiring it. "earn-a-buck" programs and such are designed to convince hunters to take does. As for that deer "a skinny little doe", I am not sure how you are judging her size with nothing else in the picture to compare her too. From the picture posted at the beginning of the thread, that looks to be a nice sized mature doe. From the video (great work by the way Doemasters) it appears the guy let a spike go and shot a nice doe instead. Not sure exactly what else he could have done.....
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