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shoot what you eat!!

Old 10-24-2004, 11:45 PM
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

I put 17 in the freezer and ran out before hunting season open the next year. The SC Deer Season is Aug.15-Jan.01, so I had from Jan.02-Aug.14 to eat the meat. Sure is cheaper than the foodstores....
SC has a NO-LIMIT on bucks and 16 either sex days with 2 deer limit. That is 32 does plus we can purchase 4 more doe tags for anyday harvest. Deer in SC are over-populated and the no-limit has no effect on the herd numbers. Like the local geese, they're a problem!
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

My wife and I can easily eat 4 deer a year.We buy no store meat. every meal we eat has some form of venison in it.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

We an eat 4or 5 deer easy. I mix our deer burger 50/50 with beef and the sausage 50/50 with pork. We can a lot of it as well. We put a little beef tallow in the jars when we can it. When we heat it up we thicken the juice for gravy and have it on biscuits. Yum Yum.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

I personally prefer venison over beef or any other meat, the meat from a 150 lbs deer usually lasts me about 2 to 3 months. I usually dont shoot more then 3 a year but all the meat is used up by usually about 1 to 2 months before the next season. I have to disagree with you , you cannot generalize on this subject like that and accuse everyone that kills 4 or 5 deer a year of being wasteful. last deer season in missouri you could buy an unlimited number of antlerless tags, a friend of mine and his 3 boys killed 18 deer and not one steak was wasted between what he kept, gave to his friends and family all that meat was used up by june of this year. So you cant come out say what you said because in most cases you are wrong.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

alot depends on the family size. I have two growing boys, so far this year I have an elk and two deer in the freezer, it WILL be gone by summer.

Also deer run different sizes in different parts of the country, up here in New England 150 lbs is "normal", down south that would be a monster.

In general, ya I agree, hate to see the meat wasted, but if it isn't wasted and the limits allow it, go for it.

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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

With help from my 7 and 11 year old sons we put 7 Deer and 8 or 9 pigs in the freezer this past year. The pork is gone and I am down to my last few packages of ground meet and sausage. I don't see any waste at my house.

Sorry. . .If we don't shoot them they end up dead on the side of the road. We have lots of them in Texas.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

it changes each year in PA as to how many deer you can take. your buck tag comes automatic with the liscense. you have to apply for an antlerless tag. they didn't offer bonus tags this year (i don't think so anyways) but when there is a bonus offered you can take one buck and two doe. there is also a deer management program for the allegheny national forest in which it has it's own antlerless tag. so this year with proper tags you can take one doe, one buck, and one doe in the allegheny national forest. so that's a potential for three deer. some years they offer green tag areas where an individual can pretty much get a endless amount of tags. with that being said the most deer i have ever shot in one year is three. the only time it ever went to waste is when the power went out on my freezer and i didnt know it. one year my wife got 2, i got 3, my dad got 2, my brother got 3 and we gave 3 of them away to three seperate needy families in our town.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

To clear things up, PA has had bonus tags for quite some time now and did as well this year. It just depends if your area sells out after the first round. Most don't. Some even have 2nd bonus. Special regs areas you can get unlimited tags until they sell out that don't count against your regular allotment. Green tag no longer exists, red tags still do, where you can get tags from the farmer to hunt out of season for crop damage. Dmaps allow you to get extra tags, depending on hom many diffeerent dmap areas you apply to. This season I have 6 doe tags and my buck tag. 1 is a dmap, 3 are SRA, and 2 are regular doe tag and bonus tag.

Now as far as using meat, I will try and fill all these tags, probably won't though, but regardless, all the meat will be used, whether its by me or someone else.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

I agree with you one should have use for the meat prior to filling the tag. However their are many who are like my family that rarely buy store bought meat as we prefer venison. I have never thrown out meat and in fact most years run shy prior to a new season begining. I always have high demand for what I harvest from family and friends, some years I can be more generous while others just samples are given.
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Default RE: shoot what you eat!!

ORIGINAL: Allseasonhunter7

i dont why people get 4 or 5 tags and fill all of them... but whos going to est that much venison. but having that much meat that will most likley go to waste from day of kill to next season. i shoot at most 1 deer with a bow 1 with a gun thats enoguh for me

agree or not
Do you live alone? Do you know anyone else who eats venison? Families and friends are the main reasons people can put hundreds of pounds of venison to good use.

I know families who eat a whole moose every year and that's like 4 or more white tails.
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Quick Reply: shoot what you eat!!

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