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why do we get buck fever?

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Default RE: why do we get buck fever?

I think there are some misconceptions as to what buck fever is. That rush we all enjoy and some have indicated they over come it to be calm is not buck fever. Buck fever is when the rush becomes paralizing and you can't get off a shot or you are trembling so bad you can not shoot stright.
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Default RE: why do we get buck fever?

i think there are different levels of "buck fever" based on how severe your "symptoms" are. i think that i've had each and every one of them.

most severe case: as mentioned, being paralyzed to the point that you just can't move.
i had this four hunting seasons ago when a HUGE buck was "running" with 9 doe. they were about 125 yards up on the hill walking east to west SLOWLY while feeding. my rifle was against the tree and my back was to them. the only movement i made was turning my head to look over my shoulder, and then i froze!!! they eventually walked out of sight.

a little less severe but could be thought of is immoral is when a hunter just pulls up and shoots without really aiming. i am also guilty of this, but i must say i was very young when i did things like that.

and then there's the shaking so bad you can't get your scope to stop on the animal. once again this happened to me when i was very young.

and one that i actually enjoy and get every year is the "night before jitters" which i feal is a form of buck fever. i can't think about anything else but the next day and often worry all night that i am going not going to be set up in the right spot. sometimes a couple of beers will calm me down just a little bit.
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Default RE: why do we get buck fever?

I've killed a lot of deer and still get buck fever. Seasoned hunters are subject to it just like beginners only in different degrees. The more deer you take the easier it is to handle it . The higher your confidence the less the fever it affects you, but most of us get the fever to some degree or we would not be out hunting. It is normal, and i havehad times when my leg was shaking so bad I thought I would fall down. Usually this is when a big buck comes in and I have to watch him for a long time. Other times it comes quickly I shoot and it is all over and the deer is down, and then I shake.
Buck fever is normal, try to talk to yourself to calm your nerves. Some guys say they get angry at the deer and this causes it to leave, I tend to pick aspot and quit looking at the animal when it comes time to shoot telling myself there will be plenty of time to shake when it is over, or else i think to myself the chances of me getting the deer or slim and this takes my mind off the stress of the shot and then when it presents its self I make the shot. Try to relax and think about that spot you are shooting at. But you are very normal to get the fever, it is an adrenaline rush literally and when I don't feel it I probably wont hunt anymore.
Good luck and pick a spot on the deer, focus on the spot, and shoot
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Default RE: why do we get buck fever?

I have a one word explanation as to what causes "buck fever"!!!


The wonderful stuff that seems to give people super human strength, or an ability to walk on broken legs.

Adrenaline is released from our adrenal glands (on the tops of our kidneys) into our blood stream in exciting, or stressful situations. Adrenaline causes many physical effects. Such as increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, dialation (opening) of blood vessels, constriction (tightening0 of muscle tissues, an increase of glucose into blood stream, and an increase of glycogen being converted into glucose. It is a hormone that chemically tells our body to go into 'high gear' (like nitrous oxide in a racing engine). It also has an effect of inhibiting pain receptors, and giving a mental effect of 'everything going in slow motion'.

Once adrenaline is released you will become shaky, and have trouble controling your heart and breathing rate. Muscles will tense, and respond to the slightest input telling them to move. This is where many misses in hunting occur as your body over responds/corrects to recenter you aim. It also can cause your 'squeeze' of the trigger to be more jerky and 'pull'-like.

This effect can be controlled, but only experiencing an adrenaline rush and working with it rather than fighting it will be able to help.

Some advice I can give, for what I do, to work with, and harness the adrenaline 'rush' is to focus not on the deers antlers or overal prescence. But to focus on a certain point on the animal (such as the exact point you want the projectile to impact on the animal. This focus will help you calm the effects of the adrenaline and slow the release of more of it into your system.

Hope this gives a little understanding to how and why we get 'buck fever".
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