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How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

Old 08-14-2004, 07:20 PM
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Default How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

NOt sure if I spelled that word right. But does anybody know how you would?

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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

invest is a good night vision scope no seriously Id find where they`re sleeping during the day because im sure they get up and move at some point during the day because they cant sleep for 12 hours they have to move or maby get a snack or something so thats where id focus
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

Sorry to tell ya fella, but you just cant hunt those type of bucks It has been proven in a study with hunters and deer with radio collars, and when they asked the hunter what they saw they would report, and then at night they would go out and use N.V.G'(night vision goglles) They reported that they seen deeer that no one else had ever seen, and they determined that these deer were ghost bucks, and impossible to hunt.
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

You don't in my state. Shooting hours are from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

If the bucks are "nocternal " then most of the time they are also moving around lunch time .Deer patteren hunters just like we patteren deer , they quickly learn that most hunters leave their stands by 10 am and don't return before 3 pm . That leaves the woods free of hunters and the deer feed and move .So I hunt all day if I have the time.
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

Hunt the rut where the nannies hang out.
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

At night
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

Hunt deep transition &/or close to his bedroom. You need to find safety zones where deer move freely without worry, once you find these shadows or deep areas you'll find a lot more movement in the heat or bright of the day. Hunting around the rut is often more productive during midday, so instead of hunting just low light start hunting when you use to go home for soup and a sandie. Pre rut or rut in deep transition can be a perfect venue for rattling these mature deer off the roost, but of course before you do that you need to find the roost and set up in an area they will come comfortably for a shot.

BTW I don't agree deer or a buck can be strictly noc, they move you just have to go find them and sitting on a field edge or large opening isn't going to get it done.
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

close to home is the answer. these bucks became nocturnal for a reason too much hunting pressure, busy land(close to urban areas or farmsteds). personally I found out that they(big older bucks) do not need or desire any social interaction with other deer except during the rut. Set up at a fair distance then start to pattern do not dive in too close right away. Completly scent free is not an option it is a must on these deer. Hunt the wind and be patient. that is if he is big enough to take the time for.
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Default RE: How do u hunt Nocternal deer?

As Skeeter has said . First find his bedding area and set up as close as you can, then I would only hunt that area on a dull overcast mornings which tends to lengthen the time the deer spend in the fields and you might catch him comming back to bed at first light. He may get up at noon and do a little brousing and eliminating. The key is they are nocturnal due to too much hunting pressure so go slow in getting into his bed room well before first light. I would only hunt that area once a week as you do leave scent in the area and it may cause him to change location if he feels too much pressure. Good luck you have a challenge.
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