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Did you get skunked? I did.

Old 01-07-2002, 05:50 AM
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Default RE: Did you get skunked? I did.

Hey Chubber, last year was my first year, and I got skunked, too. I think there are a minimum number of stupid things that must happen (learning points) before you get one. I sure had enough stupid things happen to me last year. (Beside that, hunting public land is very challenging. I think you're smart to get out there as early as possible during muzzleloader.) The deer get smart pretty quickly. It may not have had anything to do with you. It doesn't take them long to go nocturnal on public hunting land. That's why statistics say your best chance is on opening day. Your chances tend to go more south the farther past opening day.
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Default RE: Did you get skunked? I did.

Chubber I was close to getting skunked myself this year, finally got a 4 point. Do not get frustrated, I know you enjoyed yourself and learned a lot. When you quit learning it is time to quit hunting.

My big issue this year was a lack of property to hunt, I had a great place for bow, over 200 acres, but due to not being able to do any preseason scouting due to my moving down here right before the season started I was not prepared. I wound up with only 12 acres to hunt gun and still got a litlle 4 point. Read my post to Va. Hunters, maybe you will be interested. If not that is fine, hang in there, every year you learn more and you will get one, once you get the first it usually snow balls from there. Good luck next year.

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Default RE: Did you get skunked? I did.

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone!

Sometimes it is a little intimidating on this list with everyone posting about how good their season is and how full the freezer is.

But, I will keep learning, trying new things, scouting and practicing.

The deer haven't heard the last of me yet. I enjoyed my time off in the field and loved to get out to the woods, even if it did mean getting up at 3:00am (4 hours earlier than normal) and being dead tired when I get home.

Some people do things that are easy, others doe them because they are hard.

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Default RE: Did you get skunked? I did.

Sounds like you got more out of this season than you realize! I see a hunter learning growing and you have a game plan for next year already in place. You are ahead of alot of other hunters. In this game you never have all the answers. It's a constent learning process.

EAT What You Harvest, Mobrandy
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Sounds like you've got a better plan than most beginners and the right attitude, now all you needs a little luck , try going early , early .I bow hunt thick woods and I have to get in tree by 4:30 am or I scare them away .was going at 6 then game camera showed the party started at 5- first light so 4:30 is it ,good luck
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Default If newbies didn't get skunked...

there'd be no deer left.

Hunting, truly, isn't easy. You don't get gifted with a deer.

A deer doesn't surrender to a newbie on the first day.
They don't surrender easily on any day.

Some newbies retire. They thought hunting was going to be easy, without thinking or knowing how hard it was.

That's why PA gives out more deer tags, than are collected by getting a deer. They know.
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This thread was started almost 15 years ago and the Original poster has gotten old and retired from hunting when the recoil from his shot gun got to much for him.

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I doubt that the OP is old, he started hunting in 2002. Wow what happened to the former member 4 posts up who has 27,500 posts who got the status of deleted member? How can a hunter post that much?
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What I would like to know is why this new member "blessed n born to hunt" has now brought up three threads this week that are ancient, including this 15 year old one, after being asked not to do it yesterday the second time he did it. He gave some lame excuse on that one, but it's obvious he knows what he's doing because you have to go way back into the archives to bring an old thread like this up!
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Quick Reply: Did you get skunked? I did.

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