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How many of you dread the annual wife war?

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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

My wife hates it and gives me grief every time I go and we will be marred 22 years in September. She says she let's me go play. So far this year I have been to the range once but I will be going more this month and next. Also, I have been shooting my bow occausionally. I built a new tree stand this year and hope to set it up this weekend. PICS to come...

I find that you gotta do what you gotta do and try and find a happy medium. I don't scout as much as I want to, but will use Archery to do more of that. I don't shoot my bow as much as I would like to, but do some shooting.

Also, my wife says, I don't want to be eating deer meat all the time. I say, when did I ever stop you from buying beef, pork, or chicken? Never... I have 2 refrigerators, and 1 chest freezer. There is nothing better than several freezers filled with deer meat.

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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

My wife is very understanding when it comes to hunting. Despite being a "city girl" growing up she's always accepted my passion for hunting. I've found that a being able to balance my time between her and hunting is the key. Things have changed a little in the last year though. My son was born last December. Not sure how much this will affect my hunting season since my wife and I work opposite shifts.
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

I had unlimited hunting time until the kids came. With a 2 year old (who's a bit on the hyper side) and an 8 month old, it's tough to stick my wife with them all day that much. This hasn't effected deer camp, though. We make arrangements that she'll stay with her parents for a few days then. They help out with the kids and she get to visit. Last year my daugher was due on opening day of buck season. She was a week late. There was no buck camp that year. This year there's no question about going to buck camp. Small game and archery will be a few hours here and there. I'll save my fun passes for buck season. When the boy is old enough, he'll be coming with me. That will solve that problem.
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

Very interesting!! My husband is an addict...a condition know as obsessive-compulsive disorder aka hunting-too-much!!! At least that is what I thought when I first met him! Now mind you, I grew-up in a family of three girls...however, my father was a hunter. Unfortunately, he never involved any of us girls. Well, after meeting my husband I figured...if you can't beat 'em, well then join 'em. We went on a Whitetail Archery hunt in southern Illinois for our honeymoon...that is when I got the fever!!!! I can see now the seriousness of the disease...so addicting!! Well, here we are 11 years, 3 children and many hunting seasons later!!!! I think that there is nothing better than introducing a women and children to the great sport of hunting. We as a family travel to 3-D shoots, practice in the back yard and spend numerous hours scouting and spotting as the seasons approach. Heck, I was hunting last deer season (AT 9 MONTHS PREGNANT) from a blind on our property!!! I personally would not have it any other way. My husband has 4 weeks vacation a year. One week is a family week and the others are for hunting trips. He was in Canada for a black bear hunt last year when I was 4 months pregnant...in Canada again this year when our daughter was only six months old. He will be in Illinois on our Anniversary and miss our daughter's first birthday while hunting Kansas in November! But still I respect him and his love and passion for the sport!!! He is a great father and spends any free time he has with me, our two boys and our daughter. We make the most out of our time together. Other than our family, nothing ----nothing is stronger than his love for the outdoors and the endorphin and adrenaline rush he (and I) experience with every adventure into the field. This passion dominates his thoughts on any given day. Tell your wives that they should be thankful that you are not out hunting women...there could be worse addictions than hunting!!!!

So, good luck men and good hunting!!!

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Dillon Outdoors
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

Ever since day one my wife knows that when it comes to September till the end of November is my time. We don’t argue about it and she never give me any trouble and I love her for it. The only thing that she will ask is where I’ll be just in case something would happen. We have been married a long time. I respect her time as she respects mine. For us it has nothing to do on who wares the pants. Marriage is about understanding each other.
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

My wife doesnt give me a hard time. She knows how much it means to me and is very supportive. I do make sure I spend some good quality time with her and the kids during the season though. (Inbetween hunts)
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

that was an interesting reply from the female side, your husband is one lucky man. by the way, all your sisters married?
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

There are worse things your could be doing with your free time, like chasing after another woman, getting drunk, gambling, beating on her,etc.
If hunting upsets her, then she has got a problem. Maybe she needs to find out what a real Jerk is. I would never marry a women that would try and stop me from hunting. I would rather be dead.
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

Communication and agreements rule in my household! We have two boys ages 5.5 and 1.5. I allow my wife to shop with her Mom, go to the pool, etc. anytime she wants or when her heart desires. I know she needs and wants to spend time with her Mom, etc. So I let her. I Take the boys on weekends and we do our own thing while my wife has her own time. This goes from January until September. I then cash in my chips and hunt from mid Sept until mid December every weekend and some weekdays. It works for us.

Seriously, just communicate and a little give and take. I love hearing from you guys and my hunting buddies on their fights with their spouses over hunting and all that. I just laugh knowing my wife is happy for me to get outside and hunt and enjoy the outdoors while these guys catch grief. Just sit down and discuss your needs, schedules, etc. I bet if you just sat with your wife and planned things out instead of guessing she knew your hunting dates things would be much better!
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Default RE: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

I was told I couldn't hunt 100 times a year until I'm retired. AARP sent me my letter. I guess I'm going hunting.

My season is being cut short due to a vacation the week of Thanksgiving. I'm making plans on working from another office to maximize my good hunting days. If it's good weather I'll be in late leaving early. If it's nasty and rainy I'm working extra hours to make up for Time in the Woods. As far as the wife is concerned? Different area codes, she doesn't matter.
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Quick Reply: How many of you dread the annual wife war?

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