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Old 08-01-2004, 10:50 AM
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Default RE: vanilla?

ill try it ... what do u do , put it on a scent whick and hang it in the tree , or jsut pour it on the ground???? or maybe ill bake some cookies with it ... lol

I think it may work , deer liek sweet , and salty things , so im sure they would come from curiosity!!
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Default RE: vanilla?

I think ill give it a try,I never herd of that before but it sounds good......any ways im in a lease in north floridaand there is not to many big bucks in north florida that i know of so i think ill put some by one of the stands i have and see if i can get some does in there...

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Default RE: vanilla?

yai mgoing to put it on a scent whick
tell me how it works out
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Default RE: vanilla?

I have used it as a cover/attractant scent. I can't claim anything amazing, but I have never had a bad experience with it.
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Default RE: vanilla?

Make sure you buy the 100$ pure (or natural) vanilla and not artificial vanilla flavoring. The artificial stuff is fine for cooking, but is not pure and natural. It still has artificial chemicals added to it that may spook rather than attract a deer.
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Default RE: vanilla?

Got a good story about vanilla. I first heard about vanilla from an experienced hunter with 20 european mounts of good bucks in his living room. So I paid close attention to anything this man says. First of all, do not buy anything but the pure Mexican brands from Latino groceries. I use "La Vencedora" with the picture of a Mexican cowboy roper. I started using it as a cover scent all over my skin and hair and the stuff's pretty nice smelling. Anyway, one night my buddy thought I'd walked back to camp and didn't bother picking me up so I had to walk back to camp 1/2 mile by moonlight. I took the field edge for easier walking and I knew the deer might be in the wheat so I thought I'd see how close I could get to one upwind before he bolts. Well nothing ever spooked and I even had a fork horn walk right up to me after getting downwind following my vanilla laden scent from about 75 yards away. He walked to my side looking right at me the whole time and casually exited the field less than 5 yards away. It took him about 15 minutes and it was just him and me out there. Really cool. I think a maybe a more mature animal might have spooked but it's not bad stuff at all and I use it all the time. Make sure you realize your charcoal suit might get clogged faster though with the extra scent to adsorb.
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Default RE: vanilla?

ok, i got one for ya'll and i know some of you are gonna think this is stupid and dont believe me but its true, I swear!!! Last season, I tried the new flavor of Skoal out, "Skoal vanilla" ...... ok bear with me... I was bowhunting and like always spitting on the ground below my tree, I have never had a problem with that before, well low and behold here comes this spike down the trail, he walks off the trail crosses a brush pile and noses straight up to my tree and licks the vanilla flavored spit off the ground!!! I knew ewwwww but hey its the truth and Im sure vanilla skoal is as artificial flavored as it gets.
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Default RE: vanilla?

I have used vanilla and actually shot a doe while it licked the branch I sprayed it on. It was from TEAM FITZGERALD. They have a product called VK, which is short for vanilla Killa. They have marketed this for several years. As for the store bought stuff it probably all works because the VK smells just like the stuff you bake with.
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Default RE: vanilla?

wow...ive never heard of that before & imma goin to give that a try this up coming bow season
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Default RE: vanilla?

ive used it, but i aint seen any deer come sniffing my way after it. mabe i used the wrong type.
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Quick Reply: vanilla?

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