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Bugeaters 07-23-2004 08:49 AM

hunting shows
i was watching the tv yesterday and i saw two different actions on different shows that really torqued me! in one show this guy was hunting hogs with a .308 and shot a boar broadside. the thing that was bad is there was another hog right behind the boar shot. the second action was this a__hole who took six count em six shots at a buck at 400 yards or more. he shot a 30-06 which is enough gun, but his scope was off and even admitted to it after the second shot. but he continued to plug away until he finally hit the buck. as far as i am concerend that isn't very responsible hunting in either case and it makes things much harder for those of us who do things the right way. just wondering what you guys think. (didn't name the shows, because i don't know if i would be breaking a law).

rockytop 07-23-2004 09:28 AM

RE: hunting shows
I agree with what you said. I very seldom watch hunting shows anymore because they disgust me. Hunting at it's worse and most of them are anti-hunting fodder for the anti's.

TXhighrack 07-23-2004 03:39 PM

RE: hunting shows
I like watching hunting shows, its the next best thing to actually being out there doing it yourself. Besides I would rather a hunting show be on then an infocommercial about the food saver.

JagMagMan 07-23-2004 05:08 PM

RE: hunting shows
Hunting shows are just like everything else, some are good, and some should not even exist! Don't lump them all in one pile, there are good ones! As for the bad ones, we as hunters, and sportsmen should let the bad ones know how we feel! Better yet, let their sponsors know that they are making a bad name for sportsmen everywhere, at a time when we can least afford bad publicity!

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