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Does "working" for your deer make it better?

Old 07-01-2004, 11:45 AM
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Default Does "working" for your deer make it better?

Some of us spend a lot of time before the deer season starts making sure everything is all set. A lot of scouting, sighting-in, etc. Some of us do not have the time or do not want to spend before Opening Day, yet it appears most of us shoot deer every year. Does it matter to you that you got your deer because of pre-season work or because you hunt the same areas every year that usually produce deer or because, let's admit it, you were just lucky? For me, I love being in the woods and scouting etc is part of the game plan. I will be the first to admit, since I do not get my deer every year, when I do tag, I feel good regardless of how it happened. I always work for the deer I shoot but a little luck is always welcome. I guess I'm saying I always feel great when I punch my tag no matter how it came about.
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Old 07-01-2004, 11:59 AM
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

I put in the time all year round. Scouting, shooting, scouting, and a little more scouting....I am downright mad if I don't fill my tags. I put an immense amount of time and effort into my huning and I expect to be rewarded for my efforts. I don't mind a little or a lot of luck, but I choose not to rely on it or expect it. I get peeved when 'one day wonders' get lucky and then think they're hot $h!t because because they killed a big buck or filled all their tags. I don't mind if someone gets lucky and is happy about it(who would, that's what hunting is all about) just as long as they know and aren't affraid to admit it.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

If I don't have to work hard to get it - ain't no reason to have it!

For me the reward is proportional to the amount of time spent to get there.

I have had many oportunity to go on good guided hunts and have said no. Even though the odds of a real monster were real good - the odds for a "trophy" (in my defenition) were non-existent.
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Old 07-01-2004, 12:13 PM
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

I like working for them...freezing my butt off, getting stiff, spending entire days gathering info and waiting, lots of practice, getting up early.

It makes me feel like I earned it. I don't take killing lightly, and I want to take only the best shots and make clean kills.
If something goes wrong, I want to have the knowledge that I did all I could. The self discipline it takes to prepare ourselves thoroughly for the hunt is part of what defines who we are.

It's not supposed to be easy. Any bozo with a gun can kill a deer if they are out there long enough. I think each step in the process deserves equal effort. For everthing, there is a season, and if hunting season isn't open at the moment, then it's time to scout, practice, tweak, or tell stories about your adventures.

Hunting isn't just about taking the shot and making the kill. It includes every part of the preparation that made the moment of truth possible. That's why it's a celebration, and something to be proud of. I'll take luck anytime it comes my way, but I'll also do my best to increase the odds.

I love being in the deer woods, and I'll take every excuse I can get to be out there. I like to see wildlife when I go out, so scouting and hiking becomes an important part of the ritual. Even if I don't get in range, or see one I want to shoot, I still want to see the deer and know they're out there, learn from them, and keep an intimate relationship with the woods.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

Most of my time right now, is trying to make sure the youngster that go to our hunting camp have the opportunity to bag their first deer. I've been hunting for over 42 years, and have shot my share of deer. Don't get me wrong, because there's nothing more exciting than tagging your deer. And most of the deer I shoot now are during the bow season. So now I'm in the process of doing the scouting, getting the blinds set up. And just making sure everything at our camp is ready for the upcoming season. You can't believe how happy it make me to see one of the youngster get their first deer.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

I have had many oportunity to go on good guided hunts and have said no. Even though the odds of a real monster were real good - the odds for a "trophy" (in my defenition) were non-existent.
I like the way you worded that Rack.

I personally love the woods and wish I could spend more time in them. I scout year round and am always looking for a new honey hole. My dad is the opposite. he gets ready a few weeks before the season. We both get deer and I don't think mine are better than his or vise versa. I just prefer to spend more time in the woods, that's all.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

it makes it that much better to work for it. when you finally stick one it feels good to know that i worked a lot harder than joe blow down the road who spends no time at all scouting. either way i like to be in the woods and walking around looking for sign. for me its a blast. i never stop practicing shooting my bow either. i also like to upgrade some of the hunting equipment and give that a try.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

i hunt hard every day i possibly can. i scout all year round, practice with bow and gun a lot! and just watch deer. during the winter after season i feed the deer grain and such but i do not bait them (hunt over piles of bait). feeding is just to give the big tired bucks some food after a hard rutting season. i take pride in any deer i shoot, shoot at, or just see. i dont like when some ppl think theyare tough shiess when all they do is go out and shoot em like u have said already.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

I hunt 3 states every year I do a lot of scouting. I hunt almost every day during archery season. Sometimes the hunts end easy sometimes I hunt right up to gun season to bag my bucks. It's been 16 years ago since I haven't filled my buck tag in all 3 states. So you can see I hunt real hard.
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Default RE: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

Points well said and well taken, I'll throw in the feeling of heritage and the need to feed to round it out for me.
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Quick Reply: Does "working" for your deer make it better?

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