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What is the longest that you have shot a deer/would shoot

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What is the longest that you have shot a deer/would shoot

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Default RE: What is the longest that you have shot a deer/would shoot

To be honest with you I can't speak from experience on the 30 calibers. Most of my hunting has been done with .270 or 7mm although I have used the 200 gr. BT in .338 caliber and have had great results. I did shoot one doe with my .308 with a 165 gr. BT at 200 yards and she fell right where she was standing.

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Default 577 last night

Just picked up a 6.5 creedmoor passed 2 8s opener of gun deer in wi at 50-200 yards. A little small. Second weekend I just wanted a doe for the season. So last night 10 min before close of the season 3 does came out in field far in front of me. I thought I would Wallis glass around before it gets too dark then I see 3 deer. I picked up my rifle put it to 16x but my bottom post of my vortex scope on the pump house and squeeze. She dropped them I range find at 577 yards. I was amazed. I shot at 100 yards for sight in and did my ballistic calculations and it was dead on bottom post says 585 yards
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The longest bow shot on a deer was at 55 yards. I practice at 50yards comfortably all the time. I would definitely be okay shooting up to 60. I made a perfect double lung shot on my biggest buck at 55yds👍
My longest with gun shot on a deer was at 160yds. 20 wide 8ptr. I would feel comfortable shooting up to 2-300yds
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My longest shot to date was 226 yards on a 7pt.buck dropped in his tracks .Was using ruger m77 in 280 Remington long time ago .
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I practice and prepare for a shot out to 450 yds.
My longest shot was 285 yds.
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Savage .308 rifle... Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 scope... Accurately sighted to 150 yards dead on. No need to go any more than that, especially in the thick woods of Virginia. I am not steady enough (i.e. confident enough) to try to do some crazy 500 yard shot across a huge field. I have no idea what the trajectory would even be for a .308 at 500 yards!!!

Also, my longest shot, clean kill, DOA right there on the spot: 125 yards with my Savage .308 and a 165gr Ballistic Tip round, up on my sister & bro-in-law's farm in upstate NY back in 2011. Bang... Flop... DOA right there. One shot, one kill. Didn't get just a clean pass-thru in the chest - I actually blew the aorta right off the deer's heart! Deer had no idea what hit him and it was instant "lights out".
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My longest shot on a deer: 5 yards.

I didn't miss. He ran about 25 yards in the snow.

How long would I shoot? Much farther than my thick woods would allow, but in the open, probably 200 yards.

Even my longest shot on a bear is only 55 yards. Never had to pass on a shot due to distance.
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Old 12-05-2019, 07:06 AM
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I got asked if I ever tried long range riflery,
most deer and elk Ive shot were at under 80 yards, many were well under 50 yards,
but I had and regularly use a 340 wby , and I do, practice regularly at a range that has a 500 yard gong,
I don;t recommend most people shooting over 300 yards , but I was in my mid 40s at the time and felt confident,
and had an opportunity to shoot a nice 4x4 mule deer back in the 1990s
at what I estimated was 550 yards,
I can,t remember shooting at over 350 yards more than two other times,
but yeah Ive done it and every time I did it was prone with a bi-pod and I was successful!
even in the scope at the time that deer looked rather small, but impressive,
my average walking pace distance is about 28 "
it was 702 paces from where I took my shot , lying with my bi-pod equipped rifle over a back pack and behind it in the snow,
shooting prone ,to make that shot on the deer , and the buck dropped on bullet impact
I was using the hornady 225 grain bullet pushed to 3000 fps
I was sighted in 3.5" high at 100 yards and held the horizontal cross hair about 3 feet over the deers spine,
or just a bit higher than the 500 yard gong at the range,
at the shot my buddy started laughing, he said, damn, what luck,
that deer had a heart attack laughing at you trying to hit it at that range,
now your probably going to insist you actually hit it"
I stayed where I was and guided my buddy to the deers location with hand signals
he pretended he could not find the buck!
when I got frustrated I walked over to him in a direct strait line,
counting paces to where I found him sitting on my buck.
and yes I have always had a laminated drop chart taped to my rifles butt stock, I probably should not have even tried that shot but I felt sure I could hit the targeted area on the deers chest and I did so.

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lets just say a "pretty fur piece"
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I use a scorpyd aculeus 460 and shot a few at 40 yards. I've taken a turkey at 65 yards and I've sighted it in to 80. So I'd be confident shooting 80.
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