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BigBuckFrenzy10 12-19-2003 05:45 PM

My first Deer
November 6 2003, hunting the concession road. The run was quiet and the dog made no runs. The dogger came out to me so we radioed and made our way back to the trucks, all of a sudden the dog started up so we booted back to our stands. We waited to hear 2 quick shots. A miss on the other side of the bush. So once again we headed out to the trucks. The guy who missed the buck called the dogger to come put the dog on this fairly fresh track. So another guy and I went to our stands. This time there was one empty stand so I went to the far one and if I heard the dog I would cover the stand I was at before as well. So I got all settled on a stump, and I thought I heard the distant sound of a dog but wasn’t sure due to the noisy creek that ran by my stand, so I made my way down the trail away from the stream. I was just about to my other stand when I saw some brown in the bush, a deer slowly walking out to the trail. I stood safety off waiting for it to get out of the trees onto the wide-open trail. All of a sudden the deer stopped behind some trees, but I waited gun up for him to cross the trail. I knew he had sensed me because he bolted out of the bush across the trail. I stopped, saw antlers and fired, quickly reloaded my .32 special, but the buck was out of sight up the thick treed slope to my left. I ran to where he had crossed and looked up the trail. There I saw him about 50 yards up the slope thrashing then he settled, I knew I had hit him. From where I fired to where he had crossed was only about 35 yards. I saw a blast of hair on the trail, and a huge blood trail, some spots being drowned in blood. I made my way up to the buck, he was dead. My 1 shot was a perfect one right threw his heart. A beautiful symmetrical 8-pt rack, and a fair size deer. My first deer an 8-pt buck, not bad. Then my dad and another guy came along and we started to gut it, we got a picture, and got my dog away from his feast. With that buck I won a 100$ buck pot and memories to last a lifetime.:D

mtair 12-19-2003 05:54 PM

RE: My first Deer
sweet !!!! congratulations , quite a story ,you will remeber your first deer forever!i rember my first a 4 pointer like it was yesterday .although it was 24 years ago!!! enjoy

akbound 12-19-2003 06:03 PM

RE: My first Deer
Hi again BigBuckFrenzy10,

Congratulations on your first buck! I just finished answering your post on the .32 Special thread. And now, to my surprise, I see that you got your first buck with a .32 Winchester Special as's a small world. I did notice also that you got yours' in Nov 2003. If I'm not mistaken I got my first in Nov 1967. In spite of the difference in time....some things never change!

I was glad to read of your hunt (nicely written story as well!) and wish you many more!

May your memories be as good and last as long as mine have!


TSR6 12-19-2003 08:34 PM

RE: My first Deer
BigBuck - Glad to hear you got your first buck!

I got my first buck after 3 hard years of hunting between both Wi & IL seasons ( and also Iowa my first year! ). It came on the last day of the IL season. Had I shot it in Wi, I would have also won the buck pool, but since it was IL, it did not count.

I've now been hunting for 6 years, and did win the buck pool this year, with many memories, including the thread I posted "Trees - When they don't move" :-p

Joe_148 12-20-2003 03:19 PM

RE: My first Deer
congrats. nice story, chase stories are always way more interesting.

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