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Default help!

I hunt on paper company land that is also has gas pipe lines running across it.
We are allowed, by the paper company to place stands, usually box stands, on the pipelines. In sense we sit and wait for the deer to show up. It is legal for us to use corn and other attractants.

In the last several years I have had good hunting seasons, harvesting 5 of the 6 deer allowed, usually 3 does and 2 or 3 forked horn deer.

In the past is was not uncommon to sit and watch 10-20 does on a line feeding & no horned deer.

Currently, we are not seeing as many deer. I mean I have seen 6 deer all season, for us something is not right.

We have tried favored or scented corn, rice brand, different sryups, and anything we can think of to draw the deer to our areas, no luck to date.

I have covered in scent lock from head to toe, walked to stand well before daylight, followed the feeding tables, moon phases and ect to best of my ability.

Is there something else to look for? try? suggestions?

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Default RE: help!

What state are you in? You better check you state regulations, many don't allow baiting.

Good Luck!
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Default RE: help!

Check to see what the mast crop is like this yr in your area. If it is a good harvest this yr you may not see any deer till the supply runs low. I would recommend walking around for a day in the direction you usually see the deer appear. Another thing that may have happened is a logging road or trail that the deer are now following which takes them out of your area and into another. If either of these is the case, then you must move appropriately. Or just feel content on seeing the few deer that you are seeing. The choice is yours. I personally have never hunted over bait, however, I have seen deer change their routes of travel on these conditions. I hope this helps and good luck.
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Default RE: help!

Sounds to me like you may want to forget the baiting and try some scouting to find out where the deer are.
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Default RE: help!

What area of the world are you hunting in, that would probably help tell us your problem?
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Default RE: help!

Like Taz said, get out there and do some scouting. If I were you, I would first get a hold of a topo map. You should be able to get one from the paper co. then look for thickets, funnels and swamps if there are any. Find these areas on the map then get out there and do some leg work.
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Default RE: help!

My guess would be you had an abundant supply of acorns this year, when there are lots of acorns deer will leave corn or any other bait to feed on them. I have about a 3 acre food plot with a feeder at the edge of it and have'nt saw a dozen deer in or around it since the acorns fell.
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Default RE: help!

I agree with TAZ, sounds like a new food plot has popped up. Maybe a near by farmer was growing tobacco (unlikely but we will use NC reasoning) and this year he planted soy beans. That will pull deer away from you.

Scout around and let us know what's up.
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The lease and club rules do not allow us to move our stands during the season so I stuck where I am.

I have been scouting, nothing jumped out. There are mostly pine tree, very little hardwood trees around, other than browse, that is about all there is for the deer to feed on.

This weekend I will scout around and see if I missed something.

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Default RE: help!

is your corn getin gone.

maybe eatin it at nite
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