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Your Next Deer Rifle/

Old 12-10-2003, 11:58 AM
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/


I am quite happy with my current Remington 700 Mountain in 30.06, although it packs a heck of a punch.
I have the 700 ADL synthetic in .30-06; I swear by it. It's a great rifle for the price. It's just under 7½ lbs. and has a 1" recoil pad, so I barely feel the push with 150 gr. Rem factory loads. The Mountain's equally good, but mine already feels really light to me, so I'll stick with it.
I went from an 03A3 30.06 to the Remington Mountain. Recoil was never a factor when shooting the old Springfield. But when i pulled the trigger the first time on the 700 it hammered me hard. I ended up getting a Pachmeyer Decelerator for it but it still hits pretty hard.

Overall it is a very good gun though, easy to carry and handle and looks awesome with the black/grayish laminated stock.
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

There are so many to chose from, I dont know where to start, My wife thinks im nuts for wanting another/more,- I keep telling her you can never have too many. in time ill by another just not sure what
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

I'll be looking for a great deal on a used, beat up Savage 110 with a shot out barrel and a beat up stock with a decent Leupold on top. Hopefully I can get a good deal. I plan on swapping out the stock with an after market synthetic and then replacing the barrel with a Midway package Adams & Bennett barrel in 338/06. It will round out the upper end of my mid-bore rifles. Then again I might just shop for a decent used 338 Win Mag in good shape.
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

Lyman Great Plains Flintlock in .54 cal.!
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

If we are talking a rifle for me I really like my Savage 30-06 but would love to come across a model 99 .308 lever action. I had a chance to buy one about 12 years ago for $150 and didn't know what I was passing up. For shotguns, I am leaning toward a mossberg 500. I know it doesn't have the polish of a remington or winchester but I have always liked the performance. Most likely though, I will buy a .270 or a 30-30 the next time I see a good deal on one and put it away for one of my boys to use when he is old enough.

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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

My wife thinks im nuts for wanting another/more
I said something about my collection to a coworker once, and he couldn't understand why anyone would need more than one gun. He didn't seem to grasp the concept of "the right tool for the right job". I guess some people think a .22LR is an all-purpose gun. He was a DC native, so that probably had a lot to do with it.
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

If i dont get a bow, than i will probably go with a ruger 30'06 or 25 '06.Just got a new ruger 270 this past year so i dont know if i need another new toy, mom would probably flip, but we'll have to see
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

Well, let's see... I've got my Knight .50 cal, my Remington 12 gauge, my .270 in M700, and my new .300 Win Mag Tikka WHM. I guess if anything, I'm gonna have to go smaller and lighter... something like a .25-06, .257, .260, or 7mm-08 in a small, light bolt action. That'd be fun to shoot.
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

Well probably the next thing I will get will be a slug barrel for my Winchester Ranger, next will be a 30-06.
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Default RE: Your Next Deer Rifle/

My next would be Ruger Mark77 in .260
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