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Default boots

I have some question about hunting boots. I seen a pair of hunting boots at wally world, I think they were Survivors, they had 1000 grain of Thinsulate and were waterproof but didnt have Gortex. I've seen other boots at other stores that didnt have as much Thinsulate probably around 200-600 grain, but alot of these boots had Gortex. Which would be better to go for? Is there any difference between the different grains of Thinsulate, as in how warm do they keep your feet? I know that the more grains of Thinsulate the warmer your feet will be.

The boots I use now are a pair of military boots my brother gave me and they dont have any Thinsulate or Gortex in them, and my feet froze last weekend. Should I keep using these or should I look at other boots? Any other information you can provide will be great too.

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Default RE: boots

Well, I've had many boots over the years and my feet freeze in all of the. It's the socks that count - wicking type sock liners and neoprene socks over that. Wool is good too. I have big lacrosse pack boots with 800 in the shell along with felt liners. These are a great boot. I would recommend however that you buy something that is all rubber. Lacrosse has a great 1200 gram boot out there - this will probably be my next boot. Advantage of these is they are truly waterproof, scent free, and warm. Don't believe any boot company out there that says they have a water proof boot. If they aren't an all rubber slip on type, they will leak. JMO.
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Default RE: boots

I have worn Rocky's for years I have never had any of them leak and I am in the snow and water all the time. That being said I have 1000gr of thinsulate and my feet still get cold if I am not moving. The warmest my feet stay is with what is called Mickey Mouse government issue the ones I have are from the 50's you cant drive with them on too big but will keep your feet warm.
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Default RE: boots

badshot bob,I have those boots you are talkin about, 1200 gram lacrosse big burly? Best boot I had yet, I had them for about 4 years and they just cracked this year.
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Default RE: boots

just bought the same lacrosse boots .....best pair I've ever had and badshots right about the socks ....also arctic shield makes great boot covers if you want to keep your boots
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Default RE: boots

Grams of thinsulate such as 200, 400, 1000 is the amount of insulation and while the manufacturer specify this relates to warmth...it really don't. I wear 800 grams of thinsulate boots for hunting, ice fishing, skidooing and all winter long. I like boots that are warm, light but not hot, my 1200 gram rocky's are the coldest pair of boots I own and thus don't wear them...why they are too darn hot & heavy for my feet causing them to ring of sweat in only a few minutes. If your feet don't sweat than 1000 or 1200 are a good choice, if they do than 600-800's are better IMHO. Gortex or similar is a must IMO, wet feet are cold feet. Gortex is waterproof and breathable which is very important to warmth. However I agree the stuff you put next to your feet is as/more important as on your feet. I use polyproplene sock liners(moisture wicking) and a top quality wool sock. Some find the fleece socks great as well.
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Default RE: boots

I bought a cheap pair or "duck boots" at Walmart last year. my damned feet froze, even with those handwarmers in them and two pair of socks. This year a bought a pair of Browning Pak boots from Sportsmans's guide and I've been loving it so far. I also bought some merino wool socks. Now it has only been down in the 20's once when I was out hunting but up in my tree stand with the wind blowing my feet were fine. After I killed my deer and had to drag it a half mile to the truck, my feet were soaked but I really didn't care.
Goretex is breathable. That's the difference. the water won't go thru it but they will let your feet breath a bit.personally I don't see the advantage for the winter.

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Default RE: boots

I wear Columbia Bugaboo boots...and was down to -20, snow, and wind here in Montana...if on the move, I never got cold....

If I stopped, somewhat chilled...and these are 4+ years old. When I am off the ground first thing, I had no problems.

I am going to hunt Alberta next year...and will probably make a investment on a new pair of boots. By the way...They are the most comfortable boot ever.

Bought at the outlet mall from Columbia ( look on ebay....people buy em there on sale) around $75 bucks I hink.

rubber bottoms.....leather uppers I water proofed.

just my feedback.
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Default RE: boots

luv my 1000grm Rocky Buckstalkers
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Default RE: boots

muck boot company best boots there is.

go deep hunt hard.

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Quick Reply: boots

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