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How long do you wait?

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Default How long do you wait?

I liked the post about who gets the deer if shot by more than one person. However, I was wondering how long everyone waits to track their deer, if it runs off, during gun season. During bow season I dont track for 30 minutes. If I waited that long around here during gun season, my deer would be hanging in someone elses yard. I would like some input as whether you all wait or track immediately.
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Default RE: How long do you wait?

I go right after them. When I catch up to them, with a gun, I can shoot farther and get that finishing shot if needed. With the bow they have little shock from the hit and they need to lie down and stay down. With the gun I can make that happen. And you are right, there are many more thieves in the woods during gun season who might have eyes for your deer.

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Default RE: How long do you wait?

During gun I lite up a cigarrete, say a prayer & reload, that seems to be about the right amount of time.
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Default RE: How long do you wait?

Going after your deer right away is not always the best thing to do, I lost a deer(nice buck) that way. It is better to wait atleast 20-30 minutes, once you spook that deer and he/she runs sometimes you will loose site of them(including any signs). If you see the deer go down, watch it, give it a few minutes, if there is no movement then chances are it's dead, either way it is still better to sit and wait. Let me ask this, is it better to have a wounded animal running around or is it better that it is shot and killed(even if it is by another hunter)? Then there is the point of safety, you shoot the deer, you instantly go after it, it runs, another hunter see's it(doe), but he hears you comming after it, so he figures must be a BUCK, next thing you hear is baaaa. You don't hear "aam" because he nailed you. It is up to you how you hunt, but it has been proven that it is better to wait, usually the deer will run a short distance, lay down and die.
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Default RE: How long do you wait?

depends on the situation. If guys are driving near you , get up asap and go look for it. If you have time to wait ( private land ) then do so.
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Default RE: How long do you wait?

In gun season if the deer makes it out of sight I will go after it immediately, unless I know for sure no one is near, then I might just take my time a little more, but I'll still go after it without waiting.
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Default RE: How long do you wait?

It definitely depends on the situation.A wait of 30 min. is the norm for me.The only time I did not wait it was snowing.(Snow is forecast this weekend)

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Default RE: How long do you wait?

I go to the spot the deer was standing and look for evidence of hitting where I was trying to hit (usually an inch or so behind the shoulder). A good hit there will yield pink lung blood and the deer usually won't go over 75 yards. I shot one the other day and on the opposite side of where the buck was standing there was a perfect pink spray about five feet long and six or inches wide.
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Default RE: How long do you wait?

I usually wait a few minutes usually long enough to listen for any crashing it may be doing and then gather myself and gear up. Then make my way to the spot where I shot it and look for sign. You don't have to wait long with the gun but I think it helps if you let them go a bit and lay down before you start after them.

We have left them over night if they were shot at last light and close to swampy or thick areas and we couldn't see any sign and then go after them the next day. We're fortunate though that the Crown land we hunt is pretty barren the 2nd week of the hunt so we don't have to worry about anybody claiming our deer.

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Default RE: How long do you wait?

I don't wait at all. Just shoot and go. Hunting in open areas I usually see them go down, so why wait.

If you do happen to wound one then I want to catch up with it and put the it down.
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