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Buck Regulations in PA

Old 12-03-2003, 07:43 PM
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Default Buck Regulations in PA

Love them or leave them?

As some of you know PA has a 3points on one side deer rule & a 4 points on one side deer rule. Alot of hunters complained last year. And most of those hunters who complained bagged that monster 8 who probably was a 6 last year. Any PA or other hunters have insight on this? I have heard rumors next year we will have the Regulations & then we will do away with them. But have also heard they will stay for a couple years.

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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I tend to think it is a good idea, but yet to experience them. I live in a 4 point zone. Tagging out durring late archery might be tough.

I have always wondered why some one would shoot a small buck when you could get a bigger one. More meat on a bigger deer. I know of the general rule of shooting the first buck you see because you probably wont see another. True, you can shoot a doe, but many old schoolers don't want to. I don't know how the regs are affecting the doe population with everyone now shooting doe, but I would think badly.

Have you noticed a decreas in the number of deer in your area? I have...
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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I love them. Got a nice 8 this year, and will be even pickier next year. I've passed up small ones for years now, even though no one else in the area did... Luckily, there's not very effective hunters.

Also, there used to be a few core areas where you could find rubs on 3"+ trees. Now they're spreading out and you're more likely to find big rubs in areas that previously had only small ones. So are there more big bucks? Yep. Fewer doe? Yep. It doesn't take many doe to repopulate an area. I'm not sure that there's fewer deer, I think the dynamics of the deer herd is changing and we're not used to hunting older deer. There's a difference between the way most 1 1/2 year old deer act and older, wiser deer act. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there.

I think one of the reasons that they are doing this is to make those stubborn old timers more likely to take a doe since it's not as easy to shoot any buck.
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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I have to be honest. Though I believe the regulations and management ideas to be sound I have not really sound a substantial improvement in terms of seeing larger bucks. What I have seen is fewer bucks in general and fewer deer overall. In both bow season and the rifle season currently underway I have seen much, much fewer deer than, lets say, three years ago. I think the antler restrictions are a great idea for producing bigger bucks but would like to see the two week doe/buck season reduced back to just two weeks of buck and maybe the opening day and two Saturdays of both doe and buck.
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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I dont really mind them, i just wish i could find a tape measure attachement for my scope. It is pretty tough determining if the brow point is one inch in the woods at 100 yards during snowfall.
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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I love the antler restriction part of it, not sure if the doe population needs thinned as bad as they say in certain areas. The places it needs thinned the most, cannot be thinned. If most people felt the herd didn't need cut then why did they buy all those tags and shoot all the deer?
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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I love the antler restrictions. What they plan on doing is trying to keep the state heard population at the same level but changing the ratio of bucks to doe. In the ideal state they want a 1:1 ratio. Well in order to do this they have to increase the buck population which is where the antler restrictions come into play. However to keep the herd in check they then have to kill off the doe to bring them down to the level of the buck. Now, granted it is not going to be exactly the same all over the state. You will still have those people who see 10 buck and 50 doe opening day and then you are going to have those that don't see a deer for 3 days. It's just that it will take time. In the end there will still be just as many deer in the state you will just be seeing alot more and bigger buck. It's easy for people to criticize Gary Alt, but then I would like to see those same people pass up that 10 pointer that wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for him.
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Default RE: Buck Regulations in PA

I don't mind the regulations even though it takes times to count the points. I have seen more bucks this year than ever. I would say that 3/4 of them were legal. Also, I have noticed that there are less does - either that or else they are hanging out somewhere else.

The deer have disappeared...maybe this coming snowstorm will get them moving again
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