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well.....im back

Old 12-02-2003, 03:53 PM
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Default well.....im back

well im back from my hunting trip to the mountains..the opener was cold WINDY as it could be...gust over 30 mph easy....and some light snow flying at times...dad decided since im 16 i can hunt where i want this year...but i didnt wanna go far from our honey hole so we found me a spot about 80 yards to his right...we could cover alot more ground that way and catch deer wed miss before....we got there and had an hour before light..perfect.....i got all set up and waited...about 20 mins to light a group of slobs busted through the middle of us! we shined them with lights and my dad told them wehre i was and where we were watching....they didnt care....they bust all over the place and were mad because they wanted to hunt my dads spot....finally they all set up to the right of me on a ridge...right where alot of our deer come from....i was bummed and about ready to leave before it started...i knew they ruined it for us..about 9 or so a few deer BOLTED from where them hunters were and across my area so fast i could only see a streak of tail flash....one stoped out infront of me and dad i had my scope on her head...checked her body looked mature..but i couldnt tell if my dad was my dad or one of the idiots so i didnt blow its head off infront of someone becuase i couldnt tell...i thought me and dad were farther apart...he shots and it turns out to be my dad....i go over and he says it ran off but he thinks he hit her good...goto the shot sight..nothing but hair..so it was hit...the leaves were wet so he followed where she kicked up leaves and found her about 60 yds away....i couldnt believe the size of her....we both thought it was a nice mature doe...turned out to be a yearling....oh well..shell eat good.....meats meat....well his bullet went in the shoulder and came out far back on the other side and turned EVERYTHING into mush even the guts so he had to wash her out so he took her the rest of the way to the truck...i took that time to eat lunch and get myself comfortable again...about 1045 a BIG deer came CHARGING at me....i was waiting for a buck...but being them guys ruined our spot and hunting was rough i was taking a doe if i seen one....well about 20 yards away i stopped it broad side..brush in the way...i was like oh no shes gunna run again.so i look around and find a 3 inch hole in the brush...the bullet wil fit perfect BOOM!!! she ran falling over and running into trees for 60 yards..i took out her heart perfectly.....a nice mature doe..we sat for a few more hours and had one doe sneak behind us....a nice one...but neither of us could get a shot quick enough....she was a spooky one.....so we went back to camp and i hunted around there till dark...didnt see anything....today we went out till about 11...didnt see a single deer.....colder windier and more snow....and way less guys to move the deer around.....thats my season.......so far.....ill be out every day im off work till it closes.....being the huntings so rough this year im not waiting for a big buck....this is my last year without anlter restrictions and huntings rough so i am taking the first buck i see.....it will only be my second buck so its not like i have a bunch already....i passed a few does the first day the ones my dad shot..normally we see about 6 deer an hour in that spot...them guys and the weather messed us up...we do plan on going back up maybe this week or next week....and ill hunt around here my days off....and i got muzzleloader season too....the spot behind my house is only hunted by older guys...ive never seen a kid back there....an ARs apply to all them guys so maybe one of the nicer small bucks ive seen back there will come by...ill let you guys know when one does! lol sorry buck......i tried....hunting where i was was too rough to wait out a nice one.....i dont think ill pass deer the rest of the year being after the first day its even tougher.....ill see what happens.....
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Old 12-02-2003, 04:05 PM
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Default RE: well.....im back

congrats, after all these years of talking (like 2 or 3 years) i never knew that you were only 16. im 17 and just wanted to say congrats!!
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Old 12-02-2003, 07:16 PM
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Default RE: well.....im back

thanx alot.....yes im only 16....just got my drivers liscense not long ago...maybe 3 or 4 months...been hunting alone since spring turkey season....my dad trained me well...it seems im always bringin somethin home....first time i hunted without him i bagged my first turkey....a nice long beard...now im finding my own spots to hunt and stuff...its kinda nice being able to drive....now i can hunt when i want where i want how i want....its nice....but i still love hunting with good ole dad...he still got alot of tricks up his sleves he told me it took him to long to learn he wont give away so i gota learn the hard way....i just keep a close eye on him lol...
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Old 12-02-2003, 07:28 PM
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Default RE: well.....im back

Grats on the deer. I had 4 guys trample on me at 10 mins before light. they all split & hit spots where deer came most often. saw one doe all day. didnt get her. left & came back about 3pm. hopped in the stand & sat for about 20 mins....2 doe ran right past me got 2 shots off from my pump .30-06. Missed! I was bumed. 15 mins later had a buck sneak behind me. Didnt see him till he was 20 yrds behind me. got one shot off & hit him clean in the heart. he ran 100yrds on adrnilen. Then we found him in the field. 5 point. i am only 15! Good to see younger people like me getting deer too. Good luck on that MONSTER!

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Default RE: well.....im back

Sounds like one exciting hunt, Mauser06. Congratulations, and welcome back!
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Default RE: well.....im back

congrats, sounds like a good hunt even thoughthose guys kinda messed it up for ya
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Default RE: well.....im back

congrats ....nothing like having ur own wheels
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Default RE: well.....im back

Congrats on the doe, I can remember when I got my license, I was a hunting fool!!!!! Independence is great, but the old man is better.
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Default RE: well.....im back

congrats on your hunt-realy to bad that the others messed things up --in a sense-were you and your dad the onlt two that tagged that day?
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