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hunting camps??

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Default hunting camps??

I' ve been reading other posts and have noticed a great deal of people saying " my hunting camp" . What the hell is a hunting camp?? All im used to is hunting on private property. But what is a gunting camp??
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Default RE: hunting camps??

I feel very sorry for you... Hunting camp is half the fun for some of us. I was not able to go to camp this year and it just wasn' t the same.
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Come on! A hunting camp! Surely you know what a hunting camp is, huh?
Well, it can ba anything from a tent, to a plush lodge, or anything inbetween!
My camp for the last four years has been a ' 64 Mobile Scout 17' camping trailer. It is tight , but comfortable. we don' t have running water or electricity, so we bring in water and use a small generator. We have a deer cleaning station, a couple of tables set up, an outhouse and an outdoor shower too! It ain' t all that much, but compared to the small tent and lantern lights that we used before that, it' s the Tahj Ma Hal !
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Hunting camp for us is a 16ft. trailor I think a 1976 model. We burned so much gas bring it down to our lease, its not very travel friendly but after we parked it a few years ago and it hasn' t moved since. We have electricty so we cook food in the microwave which is more times then none hot dogs. We have running well water from the facuet but sometimes it wont work because its frozen. It isn' t a 5 star hotel but it sure gets the job done.
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Hunting camp is for those occasions where one don' t sleep at home get up and drive to their local spot, but rather, it is usually for long distance/out of state/remote set ups in the middle of no where.

It is a good thing to experience.
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Different people different things,, but basicly.... its a week away from home with the buddies hunting, playing cards so on and so on. My deer camp is 10 hour drive from home,,, sure lots of deer between here and there,,, but the scenery is so much better. Besides no phone, no tv, no fast food places, stuck out in the boonies in whitetail heaven,,, nothing better... you guys with the game out back really arent that lucky to come to think of it...
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: hunting camps??

You dont know what a hunting camp is? And you think you love hunting?

A hunting camp is in the middle of no where, deep in the woods where the wolves and spirits wander at night. Its an old wooden steel roofed building with various forms of siding on 175 acres surrounded by crown that has been in the family for almost 100 years. It is a place to get away and spend a week in the bush away from everything and living life like in the old days, enjoying nature and everything in it. Theres NOTHING like being at a hunting camp.
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Default RE: hunting camps??

It' s the best part of deer season. There are about 15-20 or us that all meet up at one of the guys houses. He has an old milking cooler that we hang our deer in and after that we sit around and tell stories and eat lots of food. It sucks you don' t have one. I look forward to it about as much as I do getting to hunt.
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Default RE: hunting camps??

You don' t know what a hunting camp is? i feel really sorry for you. camp is the best part of deer season. ours is a 16ft. trailer we don' t have any electricity or water. we bring water up from the creek down the hill. i just can' t beleive you don' t know what deer camp is.
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Quick Reply: hunting camps??

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