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hunting camps??

Old 11-30-2003, 01:58 PM
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Hunting Camp is a 12' x 14' wall tent with a wood stove, cots, sleeping bags and a small table. Coolers hold all the food and beer, everything is cooked on coleman stoves and water comes from that 5 gallon jug if you remeber it. There may be a small generator and a few lights to save on propane and keep the fumes out of the tent. Hunting camp is " doing your business" where so many animals have done before, and not freezing major parts of your anatomy off before you' re finished. Hunting camp is forgetting to wake up every now and then to keep the fire stoked, so you wake up to 10 below zero temps. Hunting camp is listening to the coyotes talk and seeing the moonlight throug the canvas ceiling. Hunting camp is being 50 miles from nowhere (the smallest town) and relying on what you have at the time. Hunting camp is living like barbarians for weeks at a time with noone to tell you what to do, and noone to yell at because their music is too loud. Best of all, hunting camp is spending time with your family and friends not having to worry about the things in life that relate to what we call civilization.

Hope this explains it good enough.
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Old 11-30-2003, 02:27 PM
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Hunting camp is the best part! Mine is a bit different than some. I' m by myself except on the weekends when my husband usually comes up. But that' s the way I like it. Hunting just wouldn' t be the same without being able to take off and get away from everything and everybody for a couple weeks every year! Mine is a little camp trailer up in the mountains. No heat, no electricity, but lots of firewood and a little creek for washing up and getting extra water. It just doesn' t get any better!

EKM, your camp is outstanding!
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Our hunting camp is an old one room country school which closed many years ago. One of the local farmers bought it and left it there for the local hunter to use. We have a large grill top and refrigerator and a good heating stove. We can stop in any time of the day or night and take a nap or cook a meal or just relate the days hunting expierences. Everyone just brings some food items and leaves them there for all to use. Not a good place to loose weight. My wife and I bring our camp cots and set them up there as we are the only ones that come from a great distance haveing moved away from there about six years ago. We still have a small farm in the area and it goes in the hunting land pool. My project for this summer is to build a little hunting cabin on my land as the old house is pretty well shot. There are about 50 racks on the walls of the old school house with the name and year the hunter took it. When I get set up to post pictures, I have some photos of the place.
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Default RE: hunting camps??

uhh ok
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Default RE: hunting camps??

Whackmasta, as with each of the others who has posted here, hunting camp is what you make of it to have your time away from the hussel-n-bussel of everyday life. Whether you go to hunt or just get away from it all, and a pup tent will do just as well as a trailor or mega tent.

Hunt camp is you and your time away. Take some of your buddies with you and it is all the better...

BTW, for our hunters, it is a plush lodge, but that is what they want and pay for..
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Default RE: hunting camps??

hunting camp is God' s way of repaying me for the bs I put up with during the year,good fire,good friends and a good time....
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Default RE: hunting camps??

ahhhhhhhhh...deer camp wanna be there 24/7
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Default RE: hunting camps??

A hunting camp is a home away from home without any of the things that make your life comfortable but you don't care as its a place of relaxation. Its a place where everyone can get together and agree on one thing no matter how rough it is its still better than being stuck in the civilized world working. And everyone that you run into is doing the same thing you are and not yelling profanities at you.

We use ours for most of the year and its been in the family for years. The only thing ours is lacking is the old Sears catalog in the outhouse!

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Default RE: hunting camps??

listen to the song "the second week of deer camp" by Da Yoopers
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Default RE: hunting camps??

i sadly do not have a hunting camp. we go hunting at my camp, but it is not a hunting camp. we dont stay there or anything. We hunt private land right near my house, or drive half an hour to my family's land. We never stay there overnight, nobody has the free time for that. I wish i could go to a hunting camp, but a group of 20+ guys is too many! i hunt with 5 other people(dad, granpa, two uncles, and a cousin)
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Quick Reply: hunting camps??

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