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LouisBMason 01-19-2022 01:30 AM

Variables For Bow Hunting

What are some other variables that bow hunters must consider before taking their best shot?

hardcastonly 01-19-2022 06:37 AM

heres a few of the top of my personal list,
Im going to assume you can generally & consistently & rather rapidly visually acquire,
and hit a 4" or smaller target out at 35 yards consistently, with your bow, if you hunt?
and you practice regularly?
ARE YOU 100% sure you can place your shot in the vitals,
and are sure the games legal?
are you aware of
potential obstructions like brush, branches, between you and target,
or things like loose clothing, interfering with bow/ archery equipment function.
you are aware the arrow trajectory changes with
change in elevation between target and archer
(are you ground level or tree stand)
range to target
this may not sound relevant but it can be,
wind speed in rare cases where wind is significant ,
and generally more important if ranges exceed about 40 yards
be aware
type of bow arrow and broadheads used maters,
and they must be shaving sharp to work correctly
the difference between old dull vs shaving sharp broadheads,
can mean long tracking or lost game
trust me lighting matters, the angle of sun, behind you ,
or target, /or changes in lighting
your experience, the
distance you may be required to pack out animal vs what its worth to you
I know I've passed on game,
if it was not something I really wanted to tag, early in a hunt,
if I was miles down into some remote canyon from road access,
Im sure theres more considerations like do you have the correct licencing

, do you have a hunting buddy and a cell phone,

if things go very badly/ unexpectedly?

like you fell out of a tree stand or broke a leg

or cut yourself badly?

and its a lot easier for two guys to pack out a deer/hog/elk

Oldtimr 01-20-2022 02:19 PM

You asked for OTHER variables, yet you gave none, Fact is, there are few no different than rifle hunting. I interpret "taking your best shot as the actual act of hunting, not pre hunt prep.
Is this the animal you want?
Are you capable of making he shot and making a clean kill,
If you make the shot , are you prepared to field dress it or do a gutless prep of the carcass and remove the animal from the place of the kill?
Not much else to consider except how to butcher and utilize the animal.

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