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round 02-19-2021 11:03 AM

Piebald deer - do they lose white patches when they age?
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I think this is a blacktail deer but I'm not sure because I don't hunt and I don't have patterns to go off of and I only have this one picture and angle.

Location: Suburbs of Portland, Oregon

Sometimes I see piebald deer but I haven't seen one in a few years. There is a very small population of them in my area. I see them and then a while later I'll see more deer but it's always the same amount of deer, it doesn't decrease. I'm in the suburbs so there aren't many predators. I've seen a few coyotes but only one at a time and there's not much forest for coyotes and deer to live privately in that I know of. Do they just lose their patterns as they grow up or is there secret killing

Oldtimr 02-19-2021 12:21 PM

Once a piebald always a piebald.

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