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Bocajnala 10-14-2020 04:42 AM

Revolver deer hunting
I picked up a Ruger Superblackhawk earlier this year. Finally got around to sighting it in. I'm going to try to take a deer with it this year.

I plan to treat it like archery and limit myself to 30 yards, and will set up and hunt spots that give me close shots.

Here's the Ruger.

It has these oversized grips on it, which after running 50 rds through it I do not care for. So I've ordered a set to take it back to the original grip profile.

I sighted it in then shot two shots at 10, 15,20& 30 yards. The 10s are centered, 15 a little higher, 20&30 each a little higher. But "good enough" for me to take a deer with. I'll keep practicing over the next month and those should improve. I think the other grip will help a little as well.

Any revolver hunters? Any tips for improving?


Oldtimr 10-14-2020 05:53 AM

Practice, practice and more practice. Buy a target with a deer on it and aim for the sweet spot instead of a bullseye.

t.shaffer 10-14-2020 10:57 AM

nice ruger there jake. will be hunting deer gun season with a ruger also but mine will be scoped . & looking foward to be getting together out in lorain county.

Fyrstyk54 10-14-2020 11:52 AM

I hunted many years with a Super Blackhawk. Took several deer, the farthest at 55 Yards.I used Sierra 210 Jacketed HP bullets at about 1400FPS. No deer that I shot withthat gun went more than 25 yards after being hit. I think you will enjoy handgun hunting, just practice and practice more. I now hunt with a Freedom Arms 353, 357 mag. It drops deer just as fast with 180 grain bullets. I limit my shooting to no more than 75 yards.

TN Lone Wolf 10-14-2020 01:33 PM

What caliber is it?

Make sure you're using a consistent grip. Whether its firm, loose, or somewhere in between, just make sure you hold it the exact same each time.

Bocajnala 10-14-2020 04:58 PM

.44 mag.

Hoping my new grips get here next week and I can try it out with those.


TN Lone Wolf 10-14-2020 07:14 PM

Just thought of another topic I thought I should mention:

This is the "proper" grip for shooting handguns:

That said, with a heavily recoiling hunting revolver, I've found that this is a better grip:

The "proper" left-thumb-forward grip is the standard taught to most handgun shooters, and for good reason, but I find it lacking when it comes to firing hunting handguns. You see, with the "proper" grip, you have three points of pressure controlling the grip of the handgun: the fingers of the dominant hand, the thumb of the dominant hand, and the fingers of the non-dominant hand. However, with the "thumbs-crossed" grip, the non-dominant thumb crossing adds another point of pressure to help control the revolver or single shot. Obviously, you wouldn't want to use this grip on a semi-auto pistol because you run the risk of having the slide impacting or scraping the thumb on the non-dominant hand, leading to injury. But on a revolver or single shot handgun, this isn't an issue, and in my opinion it gives you a bit more control over your handgun, especially during recoil.

That's just my 2 cents.

t.shaffer 10-15-2020 06:35 AM

jake what bullet or ammo will you be using ? i'm going to use the winchester 250 . looks like the old talons that were outlawed at one time. or will be using my buddies 300 gr xtp's reloads . can't wait to get out & practice.

Bocajnala 10-15-2020 10:44 AM

Have not decided on ammo yet. I have a few different brands on the shelf here. Honestly, at my self imposed thirty yard limit ammo probably won't matter much :confused0024:

The fifty I ran through it was a box of blazer aluminum cased 240gr hp cheap stuff. I've got some federal I'm going to try that I've used in my marlin before to take deer and it performed well.


jrbsr 10-15-2020 07:06 PM

Try 44 special.
Try to find as many different brands, and bullet weights.
If you know someone with a reloader, or if you have one .
Load some at half powder charge what the book says, then little at a time untile your gun starts shooting better.
starting mid way of the powder charge, and increasing a little at a time will give you that sweet spot.
Clean it real good, then shoot it again.
That is how I used to work up a good shooting load.
Good luck.

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