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Looking for advice for a new cold weather Parka? >

Looking for advice for a new cold weather Parka?

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Looking for advice for a new cold weather Parka?

Old 04-21-2020, 02:47 AM
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Default Looking for advice for a new cold weather Parka?

Struggling with what to buy. I'm looking for a cold weather, tree stand parka. Waterproof with a hood. I care don't about a specific camo pattern and orange could even be an option.

I need a 2XL-Tall which limits my choices. It seems like Cabelas no longer makes the MTO50 clothing in talls, plus I've read on forums they aren't as good as they used to be. I'm not excited by Sitka because I just feel like I'm buying an overpriced brand name, plus they have so many options I'm not even sure which parka would be best.(could be wrong, since I have no personal experience with their clothing)

Has anyone tried the MidwayUSA branded coats? They have a couple that may work but its hard to buy sight unseen. Any other options that is working for folks?
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Old 04-21-2020, 08:13 AM
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Check out Kings Camo

I went to a light wt orange vest when regulations required blaze orange.

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Old 04-21-2020, 08:41 AM
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US GI ECWCS Gen III extreme cold weather parka

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Old 04-21-2020, 10:17 AM
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Now is certainly the time to buy cold weather gear from last year's stock. I have no idea if I purchased the MTO50 or not. But, my latest extreme cold weather gear came from a local Cabelas. I also don't know the exact size. I am sure it is XL at a minimum if not 2XL. I went to the Cabelas tried a bunch and purchased the one I liked. The Cabelas store has went severely downhill since BPS purchased the chain. Each has a store within the same metro area of St. Louis. Cabelas store left to fail in my opinion.

I realize the above is not much helpful advice. The additional $0.02 I have to offer, either search BPS or call Cabelas. Their operators are generally helpful. Other than being sold out of certain sizes, I find it hard to believe the MTO50 is available in medium and large sizes only. I just checked. Midway USA is a good store too.

I made a cheap Sportsman's Guide parka last a long time before I had disposable funds. Switched that one out for a set of Browning. Browning was quality gear. Switched Browning for my latest Cabelas parka and bids. Three sets in 35+ years of hunting.

The extreme outer gear I purchase is always waterproof. Why purchase anything else? It is also too insulated to wear while walking to the stand.
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Old 04-21-2020, 11:07 AM
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btw adding a vest under a parka goes a long way toward keeping you significantly warmer

a decent down vest and/or polar fleece hoodie under a parka sure helps on sub zero mornings

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Old 04-21-2020, 11:43 AM
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I will add my 2 cents here
I own both the MTO50 parka/jacket and 1 piece coveralls, and bibs, and pants
I also own the Cabela's Men's Wooltimate™ Jacket, bibs and a few other items
I also own, a bunch of gear by Raven wear, and some by sleeping Indian
I have spent thousands on cold weather hunting gear over the yrs

if you want really WARM cold weather gear, its NOT going to be water proof
all the liners in things,that make them waterproof , freeze at very low temps and get brittle and get very noisy, and thus end up failing
BUT if its really THAT cold out,. it shouldn;t be raining, so its NOT needed any ways, which is why again, I say GOOD cold weather gear does NOT need to be, and isn't water proof!

if you feel a need for waterproof outer layer, BUY good rain gear and wear over your cold weather gear!
it will do two things for you, one keep you dryer, and two keep you warmer, as it will lock heat inside the insulated gear under it!

as for the MT050
its OK stuff, there is much warmer things however
including the again Cabela'sWooltimate series stuff if, you want to buy from a big chain store!
HOW Much longer it will be about since the merge with bass pro?? who know's
but both the MT050 and the Wooltimate are decent gear , or mine has been

ALL my MT050 gear was fairly good and water proof the first yr in LIGHT rains, but ALL of it failed in longer term rains, rain bleeds thru things after enough hours to exposure
and why I always say, GOOD rain gear is that RAIN gear, and insulated gear is that.
from ALL my money wasted trying, to find some that does both GREAT, none have to date! or not long term, maybe when brand new then after some wear and tear, well, leaks happen a LOT more!
you can sort of think waterproof boots here, they work good new, or till some wear and tear or LONG term standing in water and well, water bleeds thru, faster as time goes by, same with clothing targeted as water proof!
Neoprene might last the longest in one that can do both , but it doesn't breath and you will sweat like mad if active wearing it!
you have to think what your in most and use gear for that and carry other gear if needed for other things like rain!

OF all my Fav heavy weight gear, has been by far, the Raven wear stuff, not targeted as waterproof, but lasted as long as anything else (goretex like) and was warmer, softer,and quieter
all qualities I like!

then again, it costs a LOT more too , so it should, and it lasts longer than any gore tex item ever will! have more than enough of it to prove this !
Buts sadly the owners retired and no one took over for them!

still some items now and then floating about on Ebay and such, but??
the days of custom fitting and made to order are over, a shame, as that was a great option, to have when buying GOOD gear, they made it to your size and requirements! and the stuff was awesome?

Sleeping Indian still makes good gear too if one is interested! IMO

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Old 04-22-2020, 02:38 AM
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I guess it depends on your definition of "cold". To me cold weather means there won't be rain. Warm gear and waterprooof are incompatible. Good cold weather gear has to breathe. Build up of moisture in your clothing will get you chilled quick. And no matter how "breathable" wet weather gear is supposed to be, there is still enough moisture retained to get you chilled. Waterproof should be a separate issue.
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