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Food plot tiny

Old 03-14-2020, 08:50 AM
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Default Food plot tiny

hello folks! I have a small place iíve tilled by hand! Its a puny spot but i love this little L shaped food plot area! What should i plant? Its in the woods and we have corn all around us! In a few mile radius im thinkinh possibly beans or clover, possibly chickory?
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Brasica, it gives leaves and root food.
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honestly it will come down to what the soil PH can actually manage to grow, so, I strongly suggest a soil test here or you can be wasting your time and money trying to plant anything
THEN next, after soil test and TRYING to correct PH to correct level, its NOT going to happen ASAP
so any seeds will not grow that great till soil ph adjusts to be able to support any seeds
and lets NOT forget, that any plot made in the woods, once green up happens(leaves grow on tree's) if plot doesn't get enough sun light, planting again will NOT grow!
its not magic, seeds need proper soil conditions and "X" amount of sun light to grow,(and don;t forget water )

SO< your best bet is, so a soil test(cost like 10 bucks) then se what that says the ground can support, and then plant THAT Seed this yr, and treat soidl to get soem better readings on the next soil test and plant something better that attracts deeer maybe

also keep in mind WHEN do you want this plot to attract deer?

not all plots attract deer at the same time,
clover is a spring/summer and into early fall type of planting, as once a few frosts hit it will stop growing and be less appealing to deer,
BUT from the time it is established till it gets dormant like, it will make a LOT of food

Take like suggested above, Brassicia's( and keep in mind all brassicis's are not the same, there more or less a Rape seed or Tuirnip plant to be honest here too, some make a bulb of sorts and some don't , and most have different growth periods!. some are low amount of days some are longer))

as brassicia will grow and SOME deer might eat on it while growing(most don't as it is bitter till it gets a few frost to sweeten up)
so its more a late season plot, than a plot that yields a ton of food
it also does not regrow once they eat it, like clover is(the difference is between an annual and perennial plant, one is a one time plant and needs to be planted again every yr and one will grow for yrs if conditions allow)

SO< before a answer can be really given here, you have to see
1 what the soil can handle,
2 what your goal is?
do you want to hunt over plot, , and IF SO< what time of yr?
what location are you in to matters here too
3, do you just make the most feed, to try and help your deer grow better and find your land more appealing MORE days of the yr!

once you know what the soil can actually grow, and then consider the sunlight the site will get???
you can narrow down seed s that will grow there
from there you pick the seed for the TIMING you want the plot to be most appealing to the deer or??

Chicory tends to be a good balance of things IMO, grows well yr round till it gets dormant , but even then lasts longer than closer will due to being taller

but again, if the soil is NOT at the right PH and nutrients there or added, NO seed will grow, al the more so if NOT enough sunlight is there to make it grow and KEEP growing!!
its why most food plots in woods fail, Lack of sun light after leaves grow!, and poor soil quality!
about 30+ yrs of doing food plots here, and as much time part time farming! so do know a little omn this subject!

more you tell us, better we can help you!

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Default Thanks

Thanks guys! iíll check it out! appreciate the heartfelt response!
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Default Rut

I saw a lot of bucks during the pre rut and early rut! October 19- November 10! thanks what would be good to plant them!
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Lots of knowledgeable posts already and a soil sample is a must. I'll add one more opinion based on my experience with my poor soil (pine tree plantation) and my research.

A clover blend is the best I've come up with for my smaller food plots with high acidity. They can be broadcast by hand or spreader on top, regenerate on their own with heavy browsing, and do a good job attracting deer and turkey. Add lime now to your plot, it won't help now but you'll be better off for the fall over seeding.

Here's an article that might be helpful. https://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/bl...need-to-plant/

Brassicas are great but for my small food plots, I find they get browsed so heavy they're gone almost immediately upon coming up.

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OK again, before suggesting any seed here, get the soil test and tell us what that says,
as if we recommend a seed and the soil won't allow it to grow and thrive, or it will again be a waste of time and money planting it!

NEXT also, tell us HOW small this plot is, as in MEASUREMENTS of it, don't have to be exact, but try and be close, use a range finder to get measurements if needed, or some tape measures(50-100 ft one's are rather common)
so, is it an 1/8 an acre a 1/16, or ??? larger /smaller???

as again, NOT knowing this info is hard to suggest something that will both grow and LAST till OCT, and or be attractive to deer then as well!
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Soil sample first and foremost. Then strongly consider Imperial Whitetail Clover. I've had a lot of success with it. Maintained properly it will regrow for 5 - 7 years. Years 2 and 3 generally the best. Clover likes sunlight after it is established. Planting timing is very important.
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Originally Posted by rogerstv
Soil sample first and foremost. Then strongly consider Imperial Whitetail Clover. I've had a lot of success with it. Maintained properly it will regrow for 5 - 7 years. Years 2 and 3 generally the best. Clover likes sunlight after it is established. Planting timing is very important.
clover comes in a ton of different varieties, and yes it re grows, but its also rather picky on soil it will thrive in, it is also very prone to invasive species taking over the site without care!

but again without knowing soil conditions, NO seed will just magically grow and thrive
and if you just BUY seed and plant it, it MIGHT grow for a bit, then die off, and again, just be a waste of money!

same as if this site will end up all shady due to green up and leaves,
over browsing will also be something to think about pending HOW Small the plot is!
if real tiny and has good soil and sunlight, you MIGHT want to consider fencing it off to SAVE it for hunting season!

all food for thought here

here is a link to a deal on soil test kits

best 10 bucks you will, spend here before doing any real work!

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Soil test is certainly the first thing to do. Also orientation (south facing, north facing, etc), and type of soil (clay, sandy, etc) are all important factors before deciding what to plant. Also do you want a fall plot or a spring/summer plot? Things like alfalfa and clover are generally dead after the first hard frost where brassicas and oats can stand tall into winter months.

I am in Vermont and have a number of plots. I keep all small under 1/4 acre and try to keep soft edges (tall grass/brush) so they deer feel comfortable coming in earlier and in daylight.

Also plan on a good approach and exit to a stand that wonít alert the deer. This is very important.

I prefer fall plantings at my place so I go heavy on brassicas. You can only plant them in the same spot for 2-3 years so I also rotate them with clover. You might want to split your plot in half with two different plants.

Best of luck!
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