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Mattw802 11-16-2019 10:08 AM

No blood trail
Hey guys,

I am hunting my grandfather property as I always do every year. This morning I saw a huge 8 pointer chasing a doe about 30 yards from me. Once he stopped I took a shot with my 30-30. It looked like I hit him and I was almost sure I did and he took of running and I watched him as far as I could see. I thought I heard something drop also. When I went up to look for blood the doe was still hanging around. I couldn't find any blood! Have any of you had an experience where thereís no blood trail? Just wondering if I should take another look.

Oldtimr 11-16-2019 10:29 AM

Of course you should go back and look again, you may have only been feet from a blood trail. A 30 yard shot should result in a dead deer. If you thought you heard something drop, you probably did, they don't always drop like you pole axed them. I have had heart shot deer fo almost 100 yards. Get back there and find your deer.

mrbb 11-16-2019 10:39 AM

I have shot and seen many deer get shot and NOT leave a blood trail, some never did, , some it took a while for it to start leaking up
so, yes 100% you should be out looking NOW<
try and follow the path it ran and to where you last seen it, and search from there out in grid search patterns
if you know anyone with a deer tracking dog, or know of folks in your area that ofer the services, call them FIRST and take them with you, a dog will find things WAY better than a human will!
and there worth the costs when ecovering a deer IMO, if needed!

Bocajnala 11-16-2019 12:13 PM

Yep you probably have a dead deer. They don't always bleed and they can cover some distance without a pump


Oldtimr 11-16-2019 01:43 PM

I hope he comes back and reports if he found the deer.

Mr. Slim 11-16-2019 02:42 PM

hopefully its cold out where hes hunting. it can lay out all night without spoiling.

Mattw802 11-17-2019 03:40 AM

Originally Posted by Oldtimr (Post 4364844)
I hope he comes back and reports if he found the deer.

so after tracking it very carefully, it all led to a cornfield. I have searched as much as I can of the field but havenít found anything.

Bocajnala 11-17-2019 04:17 AM

Did you ever find blood? Hair? Any sign of a hit?

If so search the edges of the field all the way around to see if the blood exits. If it doesn't exit you'll have to walk the field carefully. Might want to check with the owner before doing that and be very careful and respectful of the crops.

If no blood, a grid search is about all you can do.


JGFLHunter 11-18-2019 06:22 PM

Originally Posted by Bocajnala (Post 4364841)
Yep you probably have a dead deer. They don't always bleed and they can cover some distance without a pump


Plus one on this. The buck I got this year did not have a blood trail until laying down. I had a solid shot, clipping some of the heart. Luckily I had film footage and reviewed the shot, even though I was 100% sure I hit him. Luckily for me I found him laying 40 yards from where I last seen him. It's not fun just walking blindly. I've trailed enough animals and they almost always stay the same course once wounded. I will say he went through some of the thickest stuff he could find.

t.shaffer 11-19-2019 12:45 AM

You owe it to that animal & go out & grid search for him & look for any kind of clue. If your 100% sure you shot & hit him.

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