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how effective are hunting scent elimination products

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how effective are hunting scent elimination products

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Default how effective are hunting scent elimination products

how effective are hunting scent elimination products
if you do some research the answers rather obvious..
the truth is you can reduce but never eliminate your human scent or odor,

cover scents can be used to help partially mask your scent, and various products will reduce the amount of scent your leaving around the area/
get up over 20 -25 feet in elevation in a tree stand and on a hotter and dryer day ,
( once the sun comes out, the air currents tend to move and rise and as moisture evaporates it reduces your odor pool.)
thermals tend to rise, and with a bit of a breeze youll drastically reduce your scent pool in the area.
youll never eliminate your scent trail, down wind,
but scent absorbing sprays clean clothes and masking odor scents will help, reduce the ease of game detecting your presents
be aware of its MOTION and your human silhouette that will betray you frequently, decent camo and breaking up your human silhouette
goes a long way towards making you far less obvious.
yeah most of us are forced to wear an orange vest and hat, but its lack of movement and reducing your human silhouette
and odor trail that can help improve your odds , I have frequently gotten into 30-40 yards of big game
and used a hand gun very effectively ,so its certainly not impossible to do

its just common sense,info, but it should be obvious that some clothing is far easier to see in the wooded environment at a distance even if your not moving , and staying in mixed shadow helps break up the human form

read through the links







https://www.amazon.com/Febreze-97596EA-Refresher-Eliminator-Unscented/dp/B071P7TZGK/ref=sr_1_8?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIifWytZmm5QIVFLvsCh2jkAidEAAYASAAEgIWdvD_BwE&hvadid=177776696118&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9012039&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=11677582337562993534&hvtargid=kwd-85792475729&hydadcr=21413_9712060&keywords=febreze+no+scent&qid=1571415110&sr=8-8 https://www.amazon.com/Febreze-97596EA-Refresher-Eliminator-Unscented/dp/B071P7TZGK/ref=sr_1_8?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIifWytZmm5QIVFLvsCh2jkAidEAAYASAAEgIWdvD_BwE&hvadid=177776696118&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9012039&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=11677582337562993534&hvtargid=kwd-85792475729&hydadcr=21413_9712060&keywords=febreze+no+scent&qid=1571415110&sr=8-8

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I've had them work for a younger coyote that walked past my path from an hour before although there was next to no wind. I don't know how well they work if the wind is not in your favor.
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Even though Hydrocide Extreme 1686-2017 has a fresh green fragrance...I still use a spray bottle to spray the liquid on my hunting clothes.

"It is an amazing chemical deodorizer and severe odor counteractant"

"May cause skin and eye irritation"

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Until you can learn how to hold your breath for a days worth of hunting you will put out your scent with every breath you exhale. I suspect the so called scent control agents and clothing fool more hunters than deer. It makes one wonder, how did the woodland Indians ever kill a thing, they reeked stank!
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I don't use any of it. When still hunting with a gun I work against the wind. When bow hunting I am up high in a tree and am always careful about stand placement and wind direction. Not to say I haven't been busted by scent but it doesn't happen all that often. One memorable one was in Colorado while hunting for a bull elk. I was going down into a canyon along a game trail with the wind in my face. I was going slow and picked out some legs in a small thicket about 80 yds down. I glassed and could get a glimpse of 2 different bulls, one was a nice mature elk and the other a rag horn along with a few cows. I was trying to separate bodies which were all milling around that thicket so I started to inch closer. I found a nice tree to lean against and started to scope them again and went one by one to find that bull. Looking through the thicket the buff coloration of the bulls weren't that noticeable so I had to follow each animal until I could get a look at the head. I had a good look at the rag horn and then moved to the next bigger animal and it looked to be a nice 6X6. I had the scope on him but he was very close to a few other animals and I was waiting for him to separate enough to give me a clear shot at a vital area without worrying about hitting more than one animal. Suddenly like a cold wet rag thrown on my neck I could feel that wind shift. I knew I needed to shoot fast and was all set to make my shot and as if in slow motion I could see some huge muscles pop out of his hammies and he was gone. I was only 70 yds at that point and never heard any of them go. There was probably close to a dozen elk there and suddenly only me. They never knew I was there but in an instant the jig was up. A couple years later I shot my last bull in the same spot and it was a very respectable 6X6. The only difference was I was already there and they came up out of the canyon.
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Among other scents...Hydrocide Xtreme will effectively kill the scent of fox urine.


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I don't get caught too often... By deer that I've already seen.

But I would bet we all get busted by deer we never see and never know where there.


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I was thinking the same thing Jake. I have rarely been busted scent wise where I saw or heard the reaction from the deer. But I am sure there were many, many more deer that smelled me from downwind that I never even knew were there.
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It's like a lot of things that common sense can make up for. You can make it work without spending a dime or blow a month's worth of wages buying products if you choose to.

If I wasn't careful about how I entered and left the woods or making noise and moving around unnecessarily, not being stealthy, I wouldn't see many deer. Had plenty of deer downwind of me or walking on the trail I entered and not run off although movement and sound have gotten me busted.

I've been in the habit of using soaps and detergents that are unscented while keeping my hunting clothes in plastic bags and totes away from the house. If things get wet I hang them to dry before storing them again.
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I know some people feel cover scents have value, but one observation on the effectiveness of cover scents leads me to strongly doubt their utility. Years ago in the Yukon on a sheep hunt, I mentioned cover scents to my guide who had never heard of them. He laughed and related a story of a hunter he had guided on a grizzly hunt. They were observing a grizzly from a distance of about 200 yards with the wind in their face. The bear was feeding on an old rotting moose gut pile that was putrid and about two weeks old. Suddenly the wind shifted and they felt it on the back of their neck. Instantly the bear jerked his head up with rotting entrails hanging from his mouth, turned and ran like hell! That bear was able to detect human odor from 200 yards away with a snoot full of one of the strongest "cover scents" I could imagine. I suspect that when a game animal smells someone with cover scents he smells the stench of a human mixed in with the odor of fox urine, or dirt or whatever.

I also read an article by Chuck Adams who has a lot of experience with scents. He also characterized the theory behind cover scents as "baloney". Adams did feel, however, that attractant scents did appear to work on occasion.
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