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Hunting thick cover.

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Default Hunting thick cover.

Iíve recently acquired a hunting farm that is mostly crop but has 3-4 acres of grown-up field surrounded by fence rows that the deer really use for bedding. Any suggestions on how to hunt it?
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I'd hunt trails in a popup or ground blind near the downwind edge of the area. With only a few acres, you can't go into it vary far without flushing everything out.
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You could try a stand in the fields, if permitted, that you installed well before the season.
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Originally Posted by BTaxidermy
Iíve recently acquired a hunting farm that is mostly crop but has 3-4 acres of grown-up field surrounded by fence rows that the deer really use for bedding. Any suggestions on how to hunt it?

Find the places the deer are entering and leaving that bedding area and see if you can find a place to place your stand. Look for more than one, there usually are, that way if the wind is against you in one spot it may be in your favor in others.
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most of the areas I hunt are what most people consider thicker brush,

heres a few tips in no particular order

(1) watch the wind, your scent will flow down wind far faster than you can still hunt thus you need to keep any breezes in your face
carry a small can of unscented talc powder to check wind , just drop a puff of powder and watch the wind move it

(2)learn to shoot skeet, it comes in handy when you need to react and shoot a fast moving game

(3) wash your clothes with non-scented detergent without color brightners and add a couple table spoons of baking soda to a large trash bag , and maybe a couple handsful of pine needles,
store the clean clothes in the trash bag
Ideally, change into those camo clothes as close to the hunt area as you can so you have less potential to pick up non-woodland odors like food and smoke and fuel

(4)if theres any decent trees use a tree stand thats at least 20-25 feet tall as it tends to disperse scent above the game
once up in a tree stand be patient, it may take your observing for several hours a day for several days, before you see game
if you don,t see game in three days change locations by at least several hundred yards.

(5) if still hunting, walk in an irregular pattern, take 5-6 steps stop, for 1-2 minutes minimum,
4-5 minutes is better, look over 360 degrees and try to stop near brush that breaks up your outline
take notes and use a map to sketch out game trail locations, food plots, bedding areas,
stay alert, learn the topography of the area
if you start aimlessly walking around, plodding step after step... not being observant,
game will detect and avoid your area, and you very quickly

(6)sight in your rifle to hit a inch or two high at 100 yards

(7) a lower power scope in the 2,5X -4x range with a 40mm-50mm front lens and heavy cross hairs helps in lower light and tends to increase your odds of seeing game.

(8) try to keep your arrival in the area quiet, slamming car doors, radios,playing , flashing head lights ,on, engines idling, loud talking is counter productive.

(9) never piss anywhere near your tree stand

(10) carry anything you need in a backpack, ideally in several larger zip-loc bags to limit odors
many things you never thought of like a leather knife sheath , rain ponchos,and foods, retain odors

(11)try to get into decent physical shape, you will not be dragging out game if you have a heart attack under the physical stress.
your not trying to look over the whole area, your trying to find game, slow down and be observant watch the wind and be aware of everything around you in all 360 degrees
you need to see game before it sees you, that won,t happen if your strolling aimlessly through the area like a human in a shopping mall.

(12) don,t expect even well hit game to drop instantly, when hit!
follow up on every shot you take, its very common for even well hit game to travel 20-60 yards after a bullet impact to the vitals
even a 10 ga slug through both lungs won,t always instantly drop game in its tracks every time.

read this thread
Florida Whitetail Experience

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Great tips Hard cast, and not for a beginner hunter, but for us veterans too! As we get older we forget about the little things that can make the difference in the hunt.
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now Id be the first guy in line to point out that for the vast majority of hunters this will not be as effective as a decent carbine in your favorite caliber,
but if your willing to put the time and effort into the mandatory and required practice,
you might find still hunting with a heavier caliber revolver adds a bit to your sense of accomplishment, and once mastered its noticeably, if only marginally easier to quietly stalk game

keep in mind both archery and revolvers kill due too having the ability of punching holes in vital organs and tissue destruction,
not due to the energy levels, an archery broad-head thrown from most bows will have less than 100 ft lbs of energy,
but it can slice through and exit an elks chest destroying vital organs as it zips through, a handgun like a 44 mag will not have even 1/2 the energy or velocity that the typical 308 win or 270 win deer rifle has,
yet it can also punch through both sides of an elks chest and exit destroying vital organs as it passes through.
its up to the hunter to know his games anatomy and have the skills developed through constant practice to use his chosen weapon effectively

and yes thats a 44 mag with 300 grain bullets, not a larger caliber, as always shot placement is critical and a 44 properly loaded has plenty of power
don,t get mesmerized by claims of high velocity from custom ammo or handloads, listed on the internet, the load below has killed several elk, and a truck load of deer and hogs over decades.

Ive loaded a hard cast 300-310 grain lyman or LEE gas check bullet over 20-21 grains of H110 powder in my 44 mag for decades , (start with 19 grains and work up a 1/2 grain at a time ) it shoots clear thru most hogs and deer exiting and still going strong so be aware you don,t want to shoot a deer with a second deer directly behind the first.http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.co...u=000152660650
Ive found 20 grains of h110 under this 300 grain lyman bullet (cast from 5% pure tin and 95% wheel weights)is a good combo, in my 44 revolvers, it consistently shoots clear thru deer and hogs.

while I can tell you from experience that theres a noticeable difference in the reaction of deer and hogs that were shot in similar vital areas,with a good 357 mag hand load and a similar 44 mag revolver and hand loads BOTH are 100% lethal in the hands of a decent shot when loaded with fairly heavy for caliber hard cast bullets and a 357 mag loaded with 158-170-180 grain hard cast gas-check bullets does a decent job on game if you know anatomy and can place shots accurately, look closely at the hand load data and believe me when I say that with the proper hand loads you could effectively use a 6"-8"10" barrel 357 mag revolver to kill even ELK at ranges under 100 yards with a good hard cast bullet pushed to 1350 -1450 plus fps
(where the law allows the calibers use)
suggested bullet weights
357 mag= 158 grain-180 grain
41 mag= 220 grain-250 grain
44 mag= 270 grain-320 grain
45 caliber -300 grain-350 grain
480 caliber 350 grain-400 grain
50 caliber 400 grain-480 grain
don,t think a 357 mag can,t be effective, it is,
but its not in the same class as the larger magnums

the 44 mag silhouette with the adjustable front site and 10 5/8" barrel that I use on many hunts

YES IT REQUIRES a shoulder holster to use comfortably

don,t get hung up on velocity just get the most accurate load

you can adjust the front site to hit dead on at 50-100-125-150 yards with some range time

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I would skip the talcum powder, due to the chance of inhaling cancer causing asbestos laden fibers in the talc.

I would consider setting up near the fence line...slightly inside the brushy area. Try not to invade a dominant buck's core bedding area.
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Hard cast: I have hunted for years with my Freedom Arms 353 (.357mag) with 180 grain bullets for deer in thick laurel cover we have here in CT. Most of my shots were in the 30-40 yard range, and many at almost point blank range. The deer went down within 20 yards, and some dropped in place. A handgun is great for hunting in the real thick stuff. Many times I have had to take my shots prone in order to get to the vitals of the deer in the thick laurels. Nowadays, I hunt almost exclusively with a muzzle loader. A .54 caliber round ball does a heck of a job on deer out to reasonable ranges.
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