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rogerstv 01-09-2019 10:50 AM

Didn't bring it up first. Just inserted the video after it the 0.50 caliber round was mentioned likely as sarcasm. I find the video interesting. I disagree with your opinion about the deer in the video dying from a heart attack. Maybe you should view it before posting an opinion about the results.

I am not advocating a .50 BMG or head shots for deer hunting.

To the OP, a .30-06 is your best bet.

IronWill 01-16-2019 05:33 PM

Originally Posted by jmk_412 (Post 4349587)
I'm looking to go whitetail hunting in PA and NC next year and am currently in the process of deciding on a new rifle to get specifically for hunting. I have decided on the Tikka T3x Lite but I'm having a hard time deciding on the caliber to go with. I was hoping I could get some guidance between the 270 Win, 7mm-08, and 6.5 Creedmoor. I was originally going for the 270 but started considering the other two for their reduced recoil. Any advice would be appreciate, thanks.

7mm-08 and Creedmoor are both fine, a .308 would be versatile as well. The people advocating the 7x57 and 257 Bob+P have a point. Choose what you will but you might find the deal best in the 308 and 7mm-08. Then you have more $ for scouting trips, my favorite part.

hardcastonly 01-17-2019 10:40 AM

just a question here , that does not only relate to this thread
is the rifles recoil level really all that significant in ...
your choice of the rifle you select and use?

yeah, Im fully aware theres instantly going to be someone posting that lower recoil tends too increase accuracy,
and at some point we all have a limit to what we deem acceptable,versus objectionable.
and while that may be true in many cases.
many in fact most of the guys I hunt with started out hunting with a 30/06,
and while its sure not a heavy recoil magnum,
it sure seems like even that level of recoil is objectionable to some guys, and on the other hand,
I know a lot of guys that use harder recoiling rifles that shoot exceptionally well.
the rather common 30/06 and 358 win and 35 whelen,
have all developed a strong following among several the guys I've hunted with for decades.
personally I find nothing objectionable in use of a 450 marlin, 35 whelen,340 wby and 375 H&H,
I have a great deal of experience and confidence in using those rifles,
but Id be the last guy to suggest everyone should use those calibers.
theres certainly no need for more power than a 30/06 in skilled hands, provided you get the shot placed well, in the vitals
but theres some advantages to be had in flatter trajectory and or deeper penetration with other options also.
Ive had a good number of people try my rifles at the range ,
and yes a few thought the recoil was more than they choose to accept,
well until I showed them how a recoil pad in a vest and holding a rifle with proper sling use,
effectively reduced their perceived recoil significantly.

so whats your limit or concept of objectionable vs easily tolerable recoil
my limit on easily tolerable, seems to be near 60 ft lbs,
but certainly that appears to be in the higher range.

Felt rifle recoil is not always, simply a mater of stock fit,
cartridge used and the rifles weight, yes theres calculators that can be used to simplify the related math
but theres other factors like the proper use of a sling and the position your in when firing a rifle, that can make a huge difference in perceived recoil.

one example is my buddies 338 savage bolt action.

HE PURCHASED A 1.25INCH thick recoil pad

I remember one rifle very well, RONS 338 win, he even bought a thick recoil pad as he thought it might require one for him to tolerate the recoil, even carefully installed it himself, then used his belt sander to carefully fit it to his stock contour...what he FAILED to notice during the process was that the TIP of the detachable screw driver he used (SEE RED ARROW) had remained fully embedded inside the recoil pad when he had tightened the upper retaining screw in the recoil pad with the easily foreseeable result being that the small phillips, screw driver bit was always perfectly lined up with his shoulder so after 3 shots his shoulder was really badly bruised , he asked me to try the rifle, after a single shot I looked at the pad and FOUND THE GUILTY PARTY, and we still joke about that little over-site!

Bigindian 03-07-2019 07:59 AM

I just purchased a Winchester model 70 in 30-06, and I too will be hunting NC this November!

Hunted most of my life with a shotgun with rifled barrel and lightfield slugs for deer. Have been an active shooter all my life of everything, but have never owned a "true" hunting rifle.
After a year of research and talking with many nationally known big game hunters, and many non known hunters that have downed MANY a record book buck and tons of meat deer I came upon my choices.

You can't go wrong with the 30-06 in terms of trajectory, energy, versatility in ammo and versatility in reloading. "yes you can take on grizzly bear".
And the .308, a little bit lighter of a 30 cal cartridge but highly versatile also.

4everrunning 03-08-2019 10:01 AM

All 3 of the choices are excellent deer rifles. I have been shooting the 6.5 using the 143 eldx for a few years now and have had great success. However, the 7mm-08 is an all around great gun as well with not much more recoil than the 6.5

elkman30 03-08-2019 10:04 AM

Welcome aboard and good choice. :D

CalHunter 03-08-2019 10:38 AM

Now you're set for all North American big game. Congrats!

Rob in VT 03-10-2019 08:31 AM

My Winchester Model 70 chambered in a 30-06 has taken coyotes, antelope, Whitetails, Mule Deer, Woodland Caribou, Rocky Mountain Elk (cows and bulls), and bull Moose. A very versatile caliber in deed!

salukipv1 03-13-2019 03:13 PM

6.5 PRC

.270 Win.

RaySendero 03-17-2019 02:24 PM

Go with the 270W.
Never problems finding ammo.
Of all the hunters on our lease,
the 270W numbers more than all the other deer rifles combined.
Its just the standard for deer rifles.
If you choose something else, make sure it will do some thing the 270W won't do.

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