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Originally Posted by mrbb
I agree with a lot above here, I also sort of find many shows are NOT about killing or harvesting but almost all maybe just about SHOOTING more than anything
setting up in a big blind with creature comforts almost as if at home, on prime lands, over prime food plots(or inside woods of them)
and then a animal walks out, the SHOOTER many times ASKS the cameraman HOW far is it, as if its there JOB to tell them range of animal
and then they shoot, said animal
then hoop and holler about what a great hunter they are and SHOT and kill they just made
and got to love how many times they shoot a animal in mid day and YET don;'t find it till dark, and claim it only ran a few yards and died LOL next get into a super long range craze we have going, about shooting hundreds of yards and then some
and WHERE is the skills here in HUNTING< NONE IMO< its more about SHOOTING SKILLS Now
and don;'t get em wrong I am NOT against shooting far, been a 1,000 yard shooter since the late 80's, and learned from some of the best out there and PUT thousands of rounds and time in to learn how to
But I still don't call shooting an animal real far out there HUNTING SKILLS, its shooting skills at some point over ability to hunt things!
I also agree if its legal, well,we really shouldn;t bash too hard as anti hunters are already outnumbering us hunters/shooters as is
I just think older HUNTERS that grew up learning how to read sign, track , spend tons of time LEARNING how the animals we hunted , lived and survived and thrived, so we could find there ANY where they lived and NOT just on food plots and prime lands
find modern hunters , maybe SPOILED and well, lacking skills we earned the hard way
its a modern world, where so few really LEARN anything the hard way, its all about short cuts and just knowing enough to get BY anymore IMO
the less anyone seems to have to do to do anything, the better they seem to think it is.
and maybe for some of us older folks, we, valued all our mistakes we made along the way to becoming what WE feel makes us a REAL hunter, over some of these modern day shooters! that are sponsored by so many, and almost handed prime lands , with a lot of the scouting and work done by others, where they just seem to have to show up, and or where killing a deer maybe isn;'t so hard, as finding one on your own in an unknown area! where them hard earned skills start to come out more and I BET to those of us that have them, when we DO kill, we feel we earned things more, even if the difference between the two is small, as the name of the game I guess to most hunters is to be successful
and what every gets you there and again is LEGAL
should be OK
it will never be my style but I am old school, and I also don;t get MOST of the things today's generation feel so strongly about needing to do, or how they wish to do it
Just part of getting old I guess LOL
You should try watching the hunting public videos a bunch of young guys that hunt mostly public ground and they show real hunting and always discuss their tactics and what worked and didn't. They can be a bit boring not seeing a guy shoot a big buck every week to some but for me they are great and shows that we are in good hands with many young hunters. I travel alot to hunt and meet many young men that are good hunters and enjoy hunting with them !
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rockport, ill take a doe anytime. ive shot bucks but you cant cook the antlers. they dont even make a good broth. as i said before, those that want to hunt for large racks can do so. those old bucks tend to be gamey tasting and tough. i shot an old 9 point and ended up making kielbasi out of it as the steaks tasted nasty. i would rather take a young buck or doe. time to get rid of the AR in Pa.
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OK maybe this is a different view
but all those that say antler restrictions should NOT be out there and that youy cannot eat the antlers views
WHY does an antler restriction even bother to you. as if your looking for MEAT< doe out number bucks several to one in most places and in some places WAY out number the bucks to do ratio's exist
so if your meat hunting, shoot a doe, there NOT that hard to find!
NEXT the antler restriction IMO< is meant more for allowing bucks to get older, so your NOT having the majority of breeding being done by juvenile males, as I doubt in any species its GOOD to have the young doing the majority of the breeding!
which a AR does very well, as it allows MOST first antlered males to make it past there first yr
Prior to the AR"s MOST all bucks shot in PA were very young deer and very few older males period!

NOW as for the insurance agency's strong arming there way into having a say in deer numbers, I see it thus way,
in today's world where MONEY has power, I think its impossible to say there isn't some leaning going on behind closed doors
BUT I also doubt its anything BIG
PA< has been known to be one of the largest deer population states out there and for yrs was in the top 3 for most deer and deer hunters!
as well as for super high deer vehicle collisions, and back in Pa's prime there(PA game commission ), they sure were NOT managing anything with the HABITAT In mind, deer destroyed most of the forested land in PA< and that was the MAIN reason for the HUGE reduction in deer numbers if anyone recalls this!, MOST folks that work.worked for the game dept, don;t like this fact, but its true!

took them YRS to admit they dropped the ball and left things go TOO Long
and many places are still in BAD shape due to having been damaged so much, poor browse is still a problem in many places, a whitetail deer's NORMAL MAIN food source, deer eat other things but by nature there browser's
when they ran out of good browse they ate everything else LOL
SO< IF insurance company's had power they would have been using it a LONG time ago, when deer numbers were at there peak, not now where IMO , most states DO manage for habitat and NOT about the CLAIM TO FAME for having the most deer and deer hunters!
nor are they managing for insurance company's
game depts WANT hunters money too, they loose hunters they loose money, so they do there best to make money and that means make hunters happy, but habitat can ONLY support so many deer period, doesn't matter if hunters want more or not!
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Because in some places doe tags are not easy to get. Or aren't in season period.

I'm very much so against antler restrictions, even though I've seen their "benefit" in Pennsylvania.

I passed ten illegal bucks the first two days of season before seeing a legal one and shot the legal five point.

I would have gladly shot doe, but they were not in season. So I counted points until I saw a three on one side legal buck, then I shot him.

I would have been just as happy shooting one of the 4 illegal ones I saw before lunch time the first day though as well.
AR have definitely improved the size of bucks in the state though. I cannot deny that. I see more, bigger bucks now than ever before.

I know guys who routinely pass deer that would have been the talk of the area twenty years ago.

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Originally Posted by flags
My question is: When did hunting for meat become secondary?
Just recently, I was looking at surveys and polling showing meat is the #1 motivation for deer hunters. Most of us would love to shoot a big buck, but are more interested in getting backstraps each year than trophies.

I wish I could remember where I read that.
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Originally Posted by Oldtimr
. Insurance companies do not lobby state game agencies to reduce deer herds....
Here in Kansas they pressured the legislature into mandating a pre-rut antlerless season for firearms. It lasts a weekend, though I don't think anyone is really using it. They have an antlerless season at the first of the year as well.

I don't hear much clamor for change here.
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