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hardcastonly 04-03-2019 06:20 AM

I'm glad we can help out the newer hunters
learn to think and hunt SMART, wondering around aimlessly, is all too commonly referred to and the expected definition of ... HUNTING
But thats all too often a waste of your time ,having the experience and skill, to map out any area,
to logically search out what your dealing with and take a few notes,locate the areas the game uses, the food sources and best cover, game trails,
the access roads or canals you can use with a canoe ,increases your odds considerably.
having a topo map, and aerial photos of your hunt area, and use of a tree stand can make a huge difference in how often you score.
many guys get all mentally wrapped up in accumulating equipment , look over the areas hunting regulations for sure!
but its the skill, AND PERSISTENCE of the hunter in most cases not the type of weapon he has decided to select, that maters as long as your reasonably proficient with it.
sure its nice to have choices, but Ive been in damn few areas where a 44 mag carbine or a decent 12 ga with slugs in skilled hands could not,
result in a skilled hunter filling a freezer, but a dozen other choices like a 257 roberts or a 270 win , or a 358 win,would all work,
get out before dawn, and hunt until dark, use the climbing tree stand that you like best if you can, if its an option, in the area you hunt.
be patient and observant, watch the wind,don,t get discouraged youll spend several days in most areas not seeing deer or hogs before you get a good grasp on the area.
sitting in your truck on an access road , bitching about the lack of game your generally a waste of time
I have run into dozens of guys that arrive at 8am-9am, wonder out maybe 1/4 mile from where they park the car or truck, and by 5-6 pm they are sitting back in camp drinking beer and cooking burgers next to their truck, and if you ask them, there were only a few does seen, so the areas completely shot out!
yeah hunting's not easy, but if you don,t take it seriously (learning the area, and developing your skills and knowledge,)
and rarely put in much effort... its even less productive,
or you can be "ONE OF THE LUCKY GUYS THAT FREQUENTLY fills his tags".......
of course its all LUCK, ..
"to the guys that spend most of the time hunting"
sitting in camp on a large cooler??

hardcastonly 04-04-2019 11:05 AM

lots of guys don,t take full advantage of modern technology
example one guy stated he hunts near "jollytown PA."
he gave me no address or lat/longitude grid
I can,t find aerial photos or topo maps without an address or latitude/longitude grid numbers
IF I had the details theres a great deal of info available,
I never heard of JOLLYTOWN PA, but two minutes looking....!1e3?hl=en-US

Xijur 02-17-2020 12:47 AM

I bow hunt and use a Summit this is 4th or 5th yr with Summit Treestands 180 MAX SD. Very comfortable, quiet and well made. Rubber on cables is mostly rubbed off at the lugs, doesn't affect safety just not as quiet. Will probably replace or get the heat shrink covers after this season. Recently noticed seat material has torn in a couple places where the webbing attaches. Previously had another Summit which was stolen by a trespasser and before that an Ammacker which was much heavier and less easy to use.

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